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Sharks we must stop killing them

Logicality and relevance And superiority In many aspects matchless And unrivalled in the sea The shark an Apex Predator A fearsome looking soul With a cartilaginous skeleton And gill slits on the whole No swim bladder a reason Therefore why … Continue reading

Yulin in Guangxi

Hatred you can feel it Cut it with a knife The aura of aversion And, ending of life Which the Chinese call A festival A Summer Solstice meal Lychees and dead dog flesh Thats what they reveal Thousands of stolen … Continue reading

Tiger bone wine (hu gu jiu) pinyin

Vietnam the place Lam Dong And In a shop was stored A tiger in an aquarium And another in deep freeze The culprit he was Arrested and fined A lot of dong It takes 8 years To create this wine … Continue reading

Whose on trial for our BEAR BILE

A BEAR Just imagine Its really like you It heeds its liver Just as we do But quacks far away Chinese medicine BILE They say its a curative Are we in denial Trap the wild souls Operate on Open great … Continue reading

Cock fighting

Sydney suffers sadness Near Camden Valley Way At the Catherine Fields Where low life Their evil on display Fighting cocks Armed with steel spurs And spikes an abysmal way Of tapping into hereditary Behaviour to display Their principle of evil … Continue reading

Meat = dead flesh and profits not prophets

Factory farms have spread across This country pretty fast Huge scale indoor facilities That state of affairs is cast Far and wide with hundreds Of animals inside Really a robotic rise Which farmers have denied Cows in fields munching on … Continue reading


This party of idiots Clearly partook of a meal That we saw A Boa constrictor Alive Alive o It’s head then chopped off To ignore The cruelty, laughing and joking and talking of sexual things The snake was a Wild … Continue reading

Elephants and Ivory and China

There is a growing realisation Out there In Villages in China People see That Elephants have Ivory And to want to use that substance animals have to be killed And seemingly Some assumed before That it wasn’t the case But … Continue reading

E Jiao (the cruelest medicine known to mankind)

Africa has been supplying donkeys Far and wide Most go off to China Who wants them for their hide Soaked and stewed it makes a gelatine Substance that is used As a medicine apparently Which is why they are abused … Continue reading

Sharks fins

It might go all the way back To the Song Dynasty At a time when the ocean Was filled with shark But now 70 to 100 million sharks Are killed now every year To slice off their fins For the … Continue reading


A very endangered species And Humans Primarily Are the threat beyond all others And really hold the key To whether this great animal Can survive it’s vast domain Living on China’s doorstep It casts a wide refrain Its threat is … Continue reading


The ignorance is stunning The unconsciousness too Coal mining and oil fields Are what the people do It’s the northern most of cities An industrial atmosphere And the festival of eating Dogs and lychees It is clear KOver ten day … Continue reading

Southern Africa and its horrible trade with China

Animals and China what they eat and kill ignorance is commonplace The  blood that many spill  in their own lives Meat Eaters,, Fish Eaters and the rest buying corporation foods is simply not the  best   China sees the elephant … Continue reading

Leopards and Snow Leopard tonics

Some of the Chinese Pharmaceuticals Have been trading many years Like the BeijingTangrentong place There are a lot of tears Falling in the big cats stakes The LIONS the LEOPARDS too Supposedly for tonics The bones in wine it’s true … Continue reading

Dog den HENAN. Rescue By a dog

China has its warriors too They are not killers Some are true To the animals They believe like us And take on the killers With little fuss in Keifeng An ancient capital In the Northern SONG Dynasty They Now in … Continue reading

Man is our worst enemy in the kitchen

To think that anyone on earth would blame The BATS For the corona virus Even dogs and cats Wild animals the pangolins Frogs and toads It seems We implicate some animals When there are reams and reams Of recipes about … Continue reading

So sad for the frog

China has gone wrong somewhere A long history they Don’t have to be so obnoxious Most know it’s not the way To take a living animal And just for the effect Tear its head off And put it in ones … Continue reading

Pangolins and genomes

The Chinese and their singleness of purpose Historically their traditional Chinese way Of abusing the wild animals for certain And paying for it really more each day The genome and its sequencing Apparently Coronavirus and it’s said that SARS Are … Continue reading

Eating donkey in China

It’s not just Ejiao From what a hear Donkey meat is seen As tasty cheap Nutrition And altogether green The donkey lives on grass and hay And wild plants of the field Unlike the cow and sheep And the farm … Continue reading

CHINA the despicable

The want of the wild Of the bush meat beguiled The viciousness causing disease Be it bats rats of cervils Pangolins too Carrying viruses Which many do China has banned all wild species For they Realise people are beginning to … Continue reading

NANJING underwater world

Near the SUN YAT SEN Mausolem In Nanjing what we see Is a so called Underwater World It’s the place to be Close to the Mei Hua Mountain It’s a kind of two hour stay And integrated venue That is … Continue reading

Calamitous distate and adversity

There are rats in respiratory And in the markets too Denialists are everywhere A carnivoral stew Of body parts described As from exotica today Aggressively ambitious In a really dangerous way Snot and blood and mucus Inferiority Fly blown and … Continue reading

Chinese cats boiled alive

Thuggery and criminality Is everywhere In China too it’s rampant Imagine the despair Of street cats thousands of them and pet cats of course they Are all part of a market That for the wretched pay The fur trade and … Continue reading

Call wild Animals exotic when they are really just wild

China’s food obscenity For that is what it is Fruit Bats Dogs and Cats Wolf pups Rats and Mice Running here and running there Upside down in caves We share All the stuff that’s literally Diseased and eating shit for … Continue reading

No excuse for animal abuse CHINA

1600-1046BC Shang Dynasty The integrity of life itself Began we have to say Prioritised To a regulated system And a way Of dealing with disorder And what were chaotic states Ancestors took invention And pioneering traits Herbs and plants and … Continue reading

Baby elephants

Zimbabwe you are better Than what we now do see Selling baby elephants to CHINA Yes you be Selfish and very ignorant babies need to be With their mothers as you know For years yes and at least three And … Continue reading

Cats in China fools in the West

China has unfortunately A percentage of souls Who are as wicked as the day is long Clearly they are poles apart from tHe emotional and sensitive For they Are into stealing pet cats They find along the way Other people … Continue reading

RHINO HORN and the flaccid Penis syndrome

Purchasers of Rhino horn Goodness knows when they were born So gullible, all taken in So ready to offer up their chin Their purses and wallets For those who come To steal and fool And there’s always some On the … Continue reading


It is an obscenity For a predator Than who has to be Made invalid By a stroke Of misfortune Good and broke Unfit for life Disarmed in fact Emasculated Can you react To the ugliness To the enmity All that … Continue reading

Chinese Medicine and wild animals

Evertything was written down Transcribed from long ago Instilled and inculcated By people in the know The want for the wild essences The connectedness of need By implication perspective For remedies to succeed Whats pertinent and applicable Absolute and true … Continue reading