The heartless torturing arse oles
Deriving enjoyment they
Love to consume live animals
And torture them and play
See they watch the agony
Hear it, see it, they
Are turned on by the infant screams
A new age infamy

To never love an animal
That gives its heart and soul
That warrants true affection
That has a darling role
In life in thus accepting
A human being who
Can show love and affection
And be all part of a clue

Ugliness and evil
Vile destruction put on line
The tenderness of kittens
Their hearts and minds
And hear their whine
See their fangs, contortion
Their claws pulled one by one
Burned and chopped up into pieces
The angelic souls are done

In, and left to suffer
Their insides ripped and torn
Every kind of evil torment
From the day they were born
Made to realise horror
Every single day
Kicked and pummelled and beaten
What is there to say

Beyond the yellow peril
The ghastly malicious crimes
Earning yuan from the sickness
Now sign of the times
How can the heartless do this
Men and women who
Are clearly heartless harbingers
Of a crude and despicable few

Who torture yes for profit
Hear the kittens cries
Using and abusing a little babies eyes
Digging them out with scissors
Hot pokers in their ears
Every awful contrivance
And tons and tons of fears

China why you sink into the animal abyss
Soulless infidels rotten to the core
Devoid of bliss
Your grizzly violations
Turned on by their cries
Hours on end of torture
Until the baby dies

These cretinous need to be rounded
And tossed into the sea
Into a cell of rat infested torture
Let them be
eaten alive and gnawed at
Their bodies scraped as well
Anyone who treat animals like this
Were born in hell

And hopefully will die there

About Rex Tyler

I love animals. I enjoy writing poetry and delivering speeches.I like to mentor people who need help in preparing speeches and evaluations.I enjoy travel although it is much harder for me these days.I so enjoyed the Andes Mountains and Volcanoes and the Quichua people who live and thrive there.I have lots of friends around the world.
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