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The hoverers

They come with hovering wavering eyes At the vampires beckoning they From the lonely stump on the knotted hill The creed around display An urgency,a willingness A true indignity Just give us some of your precious blood Bottles numbering three … Continue reading

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Farming and hunting

Once fresh goddess made and joyful Subject to the wrath The rotten hands of farming and hunting Such a path Of ugliness personified Wild souls of their domain Taken to be Guinea pigs to enjoy the blood soaked rain

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Extra ordinary

A mood Swing perhaps inevitable A throwback to a time Significant and valid In the murky slime Salient an remarkable A lesser spirit might Suffer from the ugliness Prevalent from its fight Death the ultimate ending A lost soul let … Continue reading

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A pulse

A pulse a frantic exclamation A planetary reprise Something of great purpose The sky above the seas The mountains all the splendour And magnificence we see Ruined by the candour Of exploiting constantly

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There are sweet flowers On my Rosemary In the frosty shine Tiny lilac fairy bells Clearly it’s a sign Spring is around the corner The light is coming fast A blue sky tops the morning A magic spell be cast

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She looked up expectantly What did she see A gun in her face And her death came to be The bullet it crushed her Life for her gone They wanted her spare ribs And she had out shone Life as … Continue reading

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Grass fed haha

A vast desert of mud And a truck comes by Feeding us all under the sky Gm fodder And herbicide Its Round Up time Which is denied Grass fed beef Thats the belief Hell on earth For what it’s worth

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Feed lots

In a lousy pen on concrete they Are not on grass but that’s okay Dry mud clods thousands sigh Grass fed crap I wonder why You meat eating scum Are taken in by the corporate hum Of all feeling free … Continue reading

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Justin no justice

Coyotes trapped and bleeding out Justin Biedermeier hears the shout Trap the wild things And his coat is made of fur Something of note

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The melee of the hunt

A stillness out there here tonight No wind to speak of but in sight Of motionless branches A cover where The fly agarics speckled lair Where perhaps the glorious fae May actually see the light of day

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Kunito of Taiji

Absorbing the torture at Taiji And the bloody deaths Subjectively Gets to the marrow Weakens the soul Taiji’s antics their ugly role Destroys the angels Of course it does Their vehemence Their frenzied buzz Their inertia & torpidity Kunito your … Continue reading

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Hardy hounds loving souls Powerful hearts winning roles The beautiful Beagle What a friend Stolen and taken Around a bend To test and harry To torture and harm Experiment on One so calm Corporate testing Commercially A want of endurance … Continue reading

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Witchery it feels to me 14/2

A sunny day A bright blue sky A positive thought Inspired am I To think of you And what you wrote Of the racialist comment Someone did float Years before Their eyes as dull As dish water From somewhere in … Continue reading

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Valentine all on my own Not even someone on the phone No card no pressie nothing at all No one cares for this old fool A special day did someone say Not for me unfortunately A dry hankie for me … Continue reading

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Gazing at the moon

Gazing at the moon he be A heavenly body in the sky The dancing light where colours play Into wild eyes where perhaps the fey Spectate sentinels awake To angles slants and Birds Eye’s fake Vanishing spectral eyelids free A … Continue reading

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Eating babies

Babies little babies Slaughtered out of hand Curly impish naturals Grass fed off the land Softly spoken softies Joyful leaping sprites Infanticide their lives denied Against all animal rights

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Spy tools over the USA

Spherical and octagonal balloons are in the sky Tis said they flew from China Supposedly quite high Drifting lifting bobbling It’s said spy UFO’s Filled with little yellow men Each with a pea green nose

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The Hunts

Huntsman clad in breeches On horseback break the Law Talk up stupid trail hunts Which for years folks did ignore When are foxes going to get A deal out of this shit The Hunting Act Has been attacked And Hunts … Continue reading

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Furs and the animals in fashion

Fashion that’s what they call it Hulk like coat of blue Made of many animals skins It’s some people do They have no care for animal’s lives Encouraging trappers too Violently assault souls It’s heinous and it’s true

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Foxes and huntsmen all hunters

Hunters are a breed of humans Ready to take aim They value life so badly Whatever they may claim Killing the wild animals For them is what they do Life for them is conquest Tragically it’s true

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Humans who abuse the Hog Do it for the reason to Make a profit out of life It’s not what good folk ought to do Pigs are fabulously sensitive so Farming them is sadly Ruining their precious lives And sourcing … Continue reading

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Decapitation. X rated

The ultimate agony Throat scored and cut Eyes blinking We thinking Life clearly shut Out of the equation A butcher on speed An Angel in heaven Where does this lead

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Circular soul utter control mentality all doth agree Pure gorgeous light perfectly bright A halo of sorts so many thoughts Gyrations that solve And keenly evolve Gymnastically far out of sight

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At the foot of the Dunstable Downs Where the sky is remarkably vast and blue to the eye Luca took flight Sailing silently he Shared the sights and the sounds Gliding, a plea To our feathered friends Tasking and basking … Continue reading

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Such horror meets us every day Darkness sadly on display Treachery and evil here A place where all of us feel fear Smell the blood of the angels we Taste the breath for no one’s free Chained and shackled and … Continue reading

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Foie gras and Fur

If this is the tories Then all of the glories Fall by the wayside and rot all around Horrors do not cease For the ducks and the geese For the fur bearing souls On gods ground A flagrant dismissal Lets … Continue reading

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Awakenings at Imbolc

The magic of the unworldly At Imbolc we proclaim The epitome of divination It be the very same A spell and incantation. In darkness sat us three The witching time was prevalent A Stygian gloom was key Settled on top … Continue reading

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