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Australia and all nations of the world

You don’t need a PHD In Science to Understand the principles We see All this geo engineering Everywhere in every sky The arrogance The desperation It does more than mystify People looking up Seeing curling swathes of smoke Coming out … Continue reading

The elephant and the other great beasts and a special thought for iceland 76

From wildness and abundance In the wilderness of cause Ancestral shadows flourish And to some a diapause A wistful inclination Of the enemy abroad Whose arrogance and ignorance We battle to afford As size goes we are Truly a dominating … Continue reading


An unbelievable sky above Of almost cornflower blue In this marvellous polar light Great ice bergs melting through Myriad icicles dripping Gaping holes azure A hostile place where diadems Seemingly endure Tranquil floating ice rocks Ice sheets floating here The … Continue reading