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The Hunting Act 2004

Laws that are being broken With the authority of the few Our wild ones they were spoken For But what did you lot do You made it known that the tories Loved the hunting clan That you prefereed to turn … Continue reading

The drug

Pain the sort of malady That grabs you in the night It makes you feel so all alone Some say you feel like shite And so step up to pain killers Prescriptive ones out there Or over the counter cocktails … Continue reading

WE consume

Our basic tenent Apparently is to accumulate And use An undeniable fact of life This planet we abuse How many pairs of socks have you? How many pairs of shoes? All of us have far too much Which doesnt make … Continue reading

Wolves and coyotes

Wild wyoming Get the snowmobile Chase down the wild ones you have the right To torment to torture And ofcourse yes to pursue Wolves and coyotes chase them crazy Till they fall just run them down In cold blood then … Continue reading

Crashing out

Crashing out Is what Blairs about He so crashed in his war Killing many Innocent children And what was that all for? The tory people sadly Remoaners at their core And now theres Blair Who wants to share The limelight … Continue reading

Extinction is forever

Singing birds and animation Help us see their real salvation Young and clearly so afraid On their tired worn backs are laid Sadness truly and lamentation Putting paid to all creation Shadows no more once so many Now just heaps … Continue reading

Royalty and Corporatism

A golden piano For our golden oldies Respect for each other Grenfell and the rest Gatwick the drone scare And BREXIT the nightmare And ofcourse Mrs May Negotiator the best! The queen looked resplendent Surrounded by grandeur 92 years of … Continue reading

From the darkness

Having no eyes Doesn’t mean we can’t see Darkness holds much Of the true mystery Which exists in its depths Switching on a great light Nocturnal nouse Seen as something thats right Movement feels slower When The eyes grow and … Continue reading


Of the sea An intelligence Second to none A companion When the day is done Lost on the ocean Ripples and rings We talk to ourselves And we know what that brings Some might say madness But others know It … Continue reading

Deer in a forest from a hunters perspective

A mortal span A fleeting glance Eternity Could be a chance An unearthly hour How untimely Its in the cards Its what we do The deer may see May feel may need Some sweetness If he does succeed His randomness … Continue reading

Deer in a forest

Fealness actuality Its not a dream for you or me A forest in the mark of Dawn A deer feeds in the early morn The light exists Enduringly With His grounded form He sparingly Comes to be And freely leaps … Continue reading

A baby saved

A baby pure and simple Unable still to run As feisty as the day is long His coat just looks home spun Just saved from the slaughterhouse Imagine that will you? The angels came and stopped them Killing him yes … Continue reading

A Renegade on Christmas Day

By the time some of you read this Many of my friends Will have been sadly eaten The message that that sends Is one of absolute misery For I too might have been Jointed and Annointed It so gets me … Continue reading

The secrets out

Its known as the Gatwick mystery Bringing havoc to a crowd Forcing thousands to miss their Christmas Abroad A giant showered Emotions tears and upsets Down on people who Had arranged to see their loved ones But their dreams did … Continue reading

The inadequates

Defective and unfinished A missing link Defective and scant So you never think Partial and neglected Progress in hand Wanting and left in the air Understand Incapability Uncosciousness Withdrawn and obsolete Cancelled I stress Emasculated unsexed and soeyed Hobbled and … Continue reading

Bob cat plucked from life by a complete shit

A total lack of true respect And irreverence for life Leaving a trap in a wooded vale Creating enormous strife To a bobcat a beautiful being As wild as the wind up above And a parent with children From Wisconsin … Continue reading

Working elephants

All the struggle and the hardship The misery we feel The true distress and misfortune Its very very real Man is never kind when working animals Today In the logging trade The monsters Really make us pay We are hapless … Continue reading

A faerie story

FRom 1650 to 1850 The White Hart coaching Inn Serviced the routes from Bath and Bridgewater Creating quite a din The stables at the rear Where the horses took their rest When all of that was torn down And the … Continue reading


A warrior For certain A soulful women who Knows justice and cares vehemently For all thats good and true The under dog she is up there Fighting their corner, she Really is a carer Of the first degree She really … Continue reading

Agaricus fly a magickal tale for Jan Vlonk

In the far off shrouds Where great mists and clouds Were born of forests dark In September they Where green ivy’s climb And where nature gifts Do stray Under Birch and Pine We can see a sign Of the magickal … Continue reading

Farmer fraudsters

It happened in mid wales Or so someone said A farmer his business Was failing which led Him to inject his cows With red diesel to see If it messed up the readings On what was TB It was for … Continue reading

Badger baiters

Its priority crime Badger baiting today Its against the law When it happens All pay The baiters Their dogs And the badgers as well Who mostly are tortured And treated like hell Beastly intent Spitefulness rules This a blood sport … Continue reading

Trapper women

Look at her Hideous wretch that she is Her gracelessness honestly She is the biz A hunter and poacher a trapper A slut An odious creature As dull as a nut And look what she left A trap for to … Continue reading


There are beautiful souls All over the world Whose fortune is goodness Where gladness is hurled Exalting all those Who they meet on their way With their exuberant charm So blessed I say One such individual Gabrielle now she Lives … Continue reading

Nir galim a mashav shitufi and its cows

The finest milk from disabled cows Clearly in lots of pain Standing in their own feces What can be the gain? Pissing on one another Hooves clogged up with poo An Israeli farm The gloom and darkness Providing No clue … Continue reading


The Christmas Robin One and all Its numbers sadly Have to fall The English Nature Mob have said The Robins future it is dead The Christmas Robin Breast and all Its numbers they Have got to fall Its a bully … Continue reading

The Linnets

Many a poet has sung their song So killing them now has to be wrong English Nature apparently Believes they are a threat To air safety The finch family Fast trills and tweets Feeds on the ground But the elites … Continue reading

The Shrike

A fondness for the grasshoppers A rapacious bird of prey A Shrike who uses thorns And barbed wire In its weird display Catching prey like crazy And bringing it to bear Thrusting it upon a spike To hang there in … Continue reading

The Elder and the Birch

The Elder ends its reign On the twenty second day Of December Then on the 24th The Birch kicks in Her way Set for her through The Wintry months The dark months Where her light Opens up a path for … Continue reading


Law breakers Left the corpse of one dead fox Where it could be Found hunting with hounds This is what we see The bovver boys are out and about Doing what’s not right With vile recriminations That certainly were not … Continue reading