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Baby powder

When I was a little child A baby my ma ma Bought some baby powder Where ever babies are Powder for their bottoms Was the thing to buy But now we learn It was potentially dangerous So really not a … Continue reading

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Life’s experiment glyphosate

Life’s experiment Where death is Promised out there in the big wide world Murder plants and greenery Trees and all sorts where it’s hurled The vile chemical powder stuff Perpetuity I have heard enough Endless time infinity Never ending eternity … Continue reading

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Vegan soya milk and products

Buying into soya milk From beans grown in Brazil GMO’s and pesticides Not buying organic And not knowing where Vegan soya milk is coming from You need to be aware Corporates they don’t care at all Ethical that’s not their … Continue reading

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Let’s get to their children

Unspeakable and unutterable To a stammering degree The addition of vile chemicals That really should never be Anywhere near a toothbrush Let alone a child A controversial substance That really drives me wild Such insanity, its toxic It compromises sense … Continue reading

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Tobacco in Argentina Growers in a war Glyphosate the Herbicide So many did ignore The false hopes and predictions As vile as they could be Misinterpretations and denials tragically The children have been damaged Genetically replete The chemical was awful … Continue reading

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Argentina crying aloud for itself

Can you believe How police Murder and maim Beat up and leave To grieve in the rain Attacks of such venom Such evil such wrong Canada honestly it doesn’t belong

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