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Aida and Asafa

Aida and Asafa 2 most dedicated and talented musicians working in an area distracted by a sport facility that is so testing for viewers Continue reading

Back Home and no change

any excuse seems better than admitting the truth these days Continue reading

My latest girl friend Miss Pain

beaten blue but our love is true Continue reading

Leave the sea alone Malaysia

Leave the sea alone man can never put back what he destroyed Continue reading

The Limit for me (Aida at the Holiday Inn tonight)

I leave the Hotel feeling very sad this time a long stay brought me into understanding just how wrong some things are within the hotel and the way the singer is treated for me I hated, I am afraid no respect at all for someone as kind and as talented as she Continue reading


Hachiko lets hope we have a better end Continue reading

Orangutans (what this 2000 years the so called experts are talking about)

Orangutans and the rainforest its just a matter of time
from article in the Star 24th November 2012 Continue reading

Mr Fox Lets not deny him the right of passage

Lets make sure Mr Fox survives and the Huntsman are seen for what they are Continue reading

I am one of the victims

Voiceless to those of us unhearing Continue reading

Experimentation there is never a reason to do this

Vivisection and animal experiments are on the increase we as sentient souls are putting our sensitivity at risk by allowing this behaviour to continue we can stop it we can stop it Continue reading

A couple of thoughts for couples contemplating their wedding day

a sideways look at the day before the rest of your lives begins Continue reading

Clouds in the sky on the way to Veggie Planet Melaka Raya

the skies not the limit the sky is just the beginning Continue reading


sound thoughts Continue reading


I was in a contemplative mood this morning Continue reading

Mirror Mirror on the wall

Contemplative piece when looking into the mirror in my room in the Holiday Inn Melaka Continue reading

Aida at the Holiday Inn Melaka

Aida a singer on a mission singing at the Holiday Inn everynight except Sundays in Melaka West Malaysia if you are in the area pop in and sit in the Sirocco lounge and support her and tell the management to stop her having to compete with a screen of sports activity its just not fair Continue reading

Melaka River and its shortcomings

Man’s miss judgement might spell disaster in the long run for everyone even the tourists
When you sacrifice peoples living conditions you hurt yourself in the end Continue reading

Sunday Night in Jonker Walk

The music of Melaka rang out in my ears Continue reading

From outside the Holiday Inn looking towards the sea 17/11/2012

The crows seem excited apparently so voicing objections wherever they go the sun’s setting down for what is the whole night in its great golden halo thats burning so bright there’s a little soft breeze but in essence its clear … Continue reading


There is only one Aida Continue reading

The Eight Immortals House 22 Jalan Lakasamana 75000 Melaka

Go there and go back in time to a place when handicrafts were produced with love and much thought and where tea was prized as a fine brew Continue reading

Nyonya Curry Veggie Planet Melaka

Simply the best better than all the rest Nyonya curry the top for taste Continue reading

Brown Rice Vermicelli and bitter gourd soup (Veggie Planet) Melaka

Available at Veggie Planet Melaka Raya nothing to touch it anywhere

originally a Hakka Recipe I understand, well I have had it everyday for a week and I love it Continue reading

We need a safer way to cross the road from the Holiday Inn to the Mall

A crossing is needed urgently Continue reading

Cyclamen Cottage 6-012 621 6031

a beautful setting a home from home where discerning travellers could possibly roam Continue reading

Rangoli has now Ran gone

A Rangoli is now gone but I was pleased to have witnessed its birth and its passing Continue reading

Melaka Post office centre

Melaka you let yourself down here Continue reading

Moon Faeries and the secret gardens of Aradia

A trip into a fantasy land of the Moon Faeries Continue reading

The Holiday Inn’s move into the Wedding business

The Holiday Inn’s move into the Bridal Market just another steps towards excellence Continue reading

Rice and Pulse Rangoli for Divali at the Holiday Inn Melaka

Divali and the Festival of Lights at the Holiday Inn in Melaka Continue reading