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For them it’s a an effort A slam ditch last effort Sustainable palm oil For me it’s a con The rainforest energy There’s nothing like it Created by god An abundance for sure Medicinal trees A wealth of medicaments Sustaining … Continue reading

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China’s poor animal rights legislation

Behold an ancient country China’s population Enormous numbers Vast they be But animals rights unfortunately Groups there conducting awfulness On cats and dogs and more besides Terrible torture gangs on line Tearfully I do opine 🐱🐶🐰🐼🐵🐅🦮🐩🐈🐈‍⬛ The need to fight … Continue reading

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It is love

Jetster a male cat Sufficiently mentioning His needs apparently Life kind of censoring Close to his lady A meeting of minds No truer perspective A glance at the signs His pattern of living Habitually Getting up hunting Sleeping a free … Continue reading

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Cruelty Personified

Ofcourse they have the same god procured for them a place We see it on the innocent pretty little face Everything about them calls for freedom and for joy And trapping them and killing them Ofcourse it doth annoy Every … Continue reading

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Symbiotic relationships

Life in the highlands Feasting on grasses Gelada Baboons In their packs Are alive To the sounds of the hills To the music of many predatory conflicts Survive The rare Ethiopian Wolves For example Work with baboons to settle their … Continue reading

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