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an investigation into the Secret lives of MOLES

“loves labour lost” The wayward mole A solitary soul A subterranean warrior Who really owns his role A tunneller supremo In the nether regions he Its the sesamoid bone That works his wrist So very significantly Assists his digging prowess … Continue reading

Open circle rituals

A quiet country lane Some parked cars A parable in terms Historical and Natural The vista seen confirms The standing stones soldiers of old Moles working over time Historicity eternal Through the clods and sods they climb Bounded by some … Continue reading


So many leaves have tumbled Now Jack Frost is on the prowl The wind has got that hoary air Of countenance each howl Really you will need to be dressed up And feeling warm Standing in a circle on the … Continue reading

In and around the rollright stones

The skyscape is hard not to look at today The rich colouration is there on this May Morning, its Sunday There’s a ritual today For Beltaine and I am here Early to pay My respect to the mother And her … Continue reading


NEolithic and Megalithic Not far from Long Compton,made Up of oolitic limestone The Whispering Knights Or so they claim Were the first A dolmen, a burial place of sorts Followed by the Kings Men Always in our thoughts The third … Continue reading

The moles of Roll Right

In subterranean channels and tunnels I believe A colony of magnificent moles work hard To achieve What we might think impossible To shore up all the stones Keep them from toppling over Kind of organic bones All those many centuries … Continue reading

Samhain at the Roll Rights 1/11/2015

The sun was shining from the West Parting the trees its enormous zest For life enlightened everyone Burning white as it had done For centuries but for us today It put on, a great display Illuminating the Autumn leaves A … Continue reading

Rollrights 22/3/2015

A sunny day A hint of winter A powdery sky of blue Behold the circle Of flinty stones Scalped out by age and dew Amber lichens gather Bird song fills the air Fields of green Bare witness And such sweet … Continue reading


    Rollright’s there was noticeable vibration a sensation of creation could be felt the stones were so exposed to wind and weather the treetops took a hammering and were dealt a clattering of circles old rook roosts did spin … Continue reading

Roll Right ( the stones those ancient stones)

An idyll near a sea of sound cars apparently so abound but through the gates into a place where a ring of stones just drop the pace lichens dance to a harmony wind swept crags a symphony sounds quietly as … Continue reading