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A gown of magenta red shoes the song lent her a sable haired songstress Plays  intuitive folk Many sweet  posies of ancestral  elegance magically lilting Sounds that evoke   an historical edge and enchanting moments touching the heart strings Sharing … Continue reading

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Dehesa (a vast landscape of unbelievable design)

A vast array of miracles a montado  so to say agro sylvo pastures an infinite display Southern and Central Spain and Southern Portugal a heavenly crafted Natural World we see Wildness at the forefront green and glowing packed with birds … Continue reading

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The block CHAIN muggers

Don’t ever sign  up to their trading concern these mealy mouthed scammers Out there to turn your whole world upside down And our  fingers to burn a great hole in your bank account take it from me with sheaths of … Continue reading

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An eagle eye of the Druid clan Is sent out to observe And his main plan Is to watch the hawthorn Transform into A maiden green With locks that do Shine in the sun A creamy white From a craggy … Continue reading

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Shooting rainbows in the sky

A colourful tincture A rainbow of dreams A breath for the sky And then more than it seems Rich pigmentation A patina floats Up in the air to the sky And sweet notes From the ocean below All the thoughts … Continue reading

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