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Pigs in cages

Farming pigs in cages is not ethical at all pigs do not have sweat glands such methods do appal really all over the EU vile methods are on going causing much distress alas and it’s truly showing kk kept in … Continue reading

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Zero pasture

The underlying cruelty where arrogance exists in Italy the Parmesan where farming there resists the all import factor compassion and real care thoughtfulness  and emotions and of being  aware cows of course are ruminants grass is their dream food fresh, … Continue reading

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Moody vegan

The 3rd of May Was the actual day When you saw the light And found the way Forward into light and glory No more dead flesh In your story Vegan meals And a vegan life Clothes and no more Actual … Continue reading

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Pompei revisted

Archeology calls for application Unflagging efforts needed every day Working on the sites the teams Show patience Slowly brushing dust and crud Away Pompei site of the very big eruption Back in 79AD When Vesuvius erupted and in minutes The … Continue reading

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