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Should some airlines be more ethical in their approach to cargo?

This is another look at the question of morality and hypocrisy in the world of corporate shipments, surely if airlines collectively ban the shipment of trapped primates for experimentation the trade would cease overnight.But then the trapper the shipper and the laboratory are all parties to this insanity licensed by their respective governments and no doub’t supported by their electorate Continue reading

60 Monkeys from Africa via Paris to Chicago 80 hours of Hell

Air France heartless airline shipping live primates from Africa to the States via Paris this trade in Life has to stop NOW Continue reading

My view on these dodgy breast implants

This is a sad tale, one that should never have happened but clearly has and there were too few controls in place to prevent it, hopefully this will now change note I say hopefully for there is no guarantee Continue reading

Fluoridation of our water

Fluoridation is the drip drip of poison dumbing us down and keeping us passive Continue reading

My thoughts on replacement hip joints

Hip replacement joints stories on the internet and today in the telegraph concern people who have had these prosthetics fitted. Just a few points from me a layman looking from the outside.I have not chosen to have any replacements I just preferred my new life as a tortoise. Continue reading

The Bears the Wolves and the Salmon

How wild earthlings stand together and share all the river has to offer Continue reading

My thoughts on Banksters bonuses

RBS Saga/ a few comments from me Continue reading

After Fukashima Why did our Gov’t try to play down the risks

Sellafield Mox has shut last year but the governmentt tried to lessen the impact of the Japanese disaster by playing it down.. Continue reading

Why do some people not want windfarms

Wind farms of the off shore variety are efficient, and the poeple who object due to their aesthetic nature
need to re-think and to discover there is still a horizon and a better safer future for those people following on from us Continue reading

Dumbed down

For short term profit the threat of Nuclear reactors or radioactive ways to boil a kettle is chosen rather than renewables, one day, perhaps in the not too far off future some of us will regret that we didn’t wake up sooner Continue reading

The Epic Voyage

an epic journey by a young lady in her sailboat Continue reading


Watch the film called earthlings and you may just think before you eat them, at least I hope you do Continue reading


Sheepishly I look at the shearer and he at me Continue reading

Carbonated soft drinks

Water is being taken all over the world to process into carbonated water, a soft drink often laced with aspartame and massive acidity.Governments take their 20 % or so and its is sold to our children the world over. Continue reading

Another look at Cell MASTS AND SMART METERS

Cell phone masts will be a controversy for evermore and smart meters too.
In US and Canada it is becoming very serious and confrontations are now almost daily.Serious fires, and price rises on energy are without precedent Continue reading

How they tried to kill the Tea Mosquito and save the Cashew Nut Trees

How it is that toxic chemicals are approved and then down the line banned because they are proven to be very dangerous.There should be more enquiries made rather than just ban them many years later. Continue reading

How do you think Farmed salmon in the supermarkets are apparently so cheap

This is another sad story of pollution and the takeover of industry by the greedy corporates who seem to have no ethic other than to make money at all cost. We can vote at the check outs and help to save our brothers and sisters in Peru,in the fish farms and the poor earthlings that are suffering in life and in death Continue reading

It happened in Benjarafe

Residents are most concerned about cell phone masts and as such must stop using the cell phones don’t buy into the bundles or use at home, use them in an emergency but not in place of the land line, otherwise electro smog is inevitable, and that does cause people problems Continue reading

Lang Zyne

Maybe not the outcome they expected Continue reading

Think Vegan Please

A ethical vegan’s perspective Continue reading

The Arakaera reserve and The Harakmbut

The classic story of the Giants fighting the first people, although the indigenous were promised their land the Peruvian Gov’t has given licence to oil/logging companies to exploit the ancestral lands. Its all bloody wrong, corruption on a grand scale. A David and Goliath struggle for survival Continue reading

“Sisnela” The wild Steppe Eagle

A tale about a wild steppe Eagle who broke his wing in free fall, but was found by a birder called lone wolf who placed him with a vet in Tehran. Continue reading

The Sioux

The Sioux Nation proud to know you Continue reading

Thinking about animals

This gets the carnivore thinking if they are capable of considering the meat they are eating. Continue reading

Biodynamics in Kuching

My journey to Sarawak where I was put up in a small house in the jungle, I was able to assist them day to day with managing the cacao production which though hard was extremely interesting and something I have never ever forget Continue reading

To suddenly be part of a war zone

The US/UK Invasion of Iraq, Shock and awe you can’t ignore,and the world could see the games of war Continue reading

Eco friendly paint is worth trying

When you live and breathe in a home that can get cluttered with an array of nasty chemicals anything you can do to minimise allergies and respiratory problems you should Continue reading


Nuclear Power is a dinosaur lumbering around the planet putting at risk every area that installs it.Plutonium named after the God of HELL and any accidents like Fukashima raise terrible risks for human beings.Renewables is the only sane choice Tell the madmen to go take a run at themselves Continue reading

Aurora Montessori School Bans WIFI

This is a wonderful school clearly who puts its children first, a great advert for Montesorri education. They have got rid of the WIFI system and hardwired to protect against mircowave radiation Continue reading

Birding in Miankaleh Wildlife refuge

Its inconceivable that a Government would want to develop a Unesco Refuge site, but that appears to be the case in this beautiful area of the Caspian Sea.Hunters and Fishermen are going in and destroying the wildlife Continue reading