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Sea Spiracy

We open the great doors And let some truths out Concerning the oceans And what they are about How 80 per cent of all life Still be In the confines Of the great panoply An array of such wonder Where … Continue reading

Long line fishing few prophets its all about profit

Biological Conservation And commercial fishing sees Conflict and improbity And what is dishonesty The Sea Birds like the Albatross Endangered and At risk Are being slaughtered daily In the killing fields Death’s brisk Out there on the ocean Its perilous, … Continue reading

Oil leak in Rotterdam

800 or so wild swans were Stressed out on Saturday A bulk tanker crashed into a jetty And oil burst out they say 200 tons of fuel in fact Spilled out what could they do All these birds got coated … Continue reading

St Kilda

Its a heritage site, believe it do Out of the Atlantic the cliffs they ring true Amazingly climb up into the sky Great sea stacs that are very high Undeniably enduring they Are the home to birds That all make … Continue reading

The Norns and the Faroe islanders

“What once was” “What is coming into being” And “What should be” The norns mythology tells The Norseman the spirit For me it just yells Across the great islands The bluest of sea Where fulmar still fly And the pilots … Continue reading

The faroes

200 miles from Scotland Rugged cliffs proclaim A pardise of seabirds A people who are game To run the ocean gauntlet To drive the pilot whales Whole pods of them onto their beaches To the shallow water trails Idyllic sandy … Continue reading

HElp us he asked And we helped him alright !

A whale approaches the shoreline Indicating he Is sick and needs some help And they shoot him Thus his plea Fell on their deaf ears of course They would rather see him dead And when they then cut into him … Continue reading

Women in feudal India

The sitar plucked and pulled Emits the wildest sensuous sound The impulse of emotion The instinct of devotion The pathos of predicament In pulsation i was drowned Truthfulness created in me Intuition to Be responsive and understanding Cordial and true … Continue reading

Ivory and Rhino Horn

Extinction is forever STOP poaching now The Elephants and the Rhino’s Are magical and how All this bloody rotten trade The corruption from most high Government officials Are at it which is why Despite the activism Every single day The … Continue reading


Where the geo thermal hotspots burst From the fissures underground Spluttering geysers bask in sunlight And diadems of sound Lots of Steller Sea Eagles Gather for their feast Unbelievable numbers of salmon To become deceased These very handsome dark birds … Continue reading

Think man unkind

The muck you now dispose of In the oceans where we live The heavy metals the radiation The excrement you give So freely of the crude oil Your plastics and your vile Chemicals so potent And your noise How you … Continue reading

poor little soul

The pitilessness of ruffians Of human unkind who Find an innocent beautiful owl And then remorselessly do The worst and the most heinous That could be imaginable they Tie a firework around its neck Light it as it flies away … Continue reading

Midway Atoll

Midway Atoll all we hear are cries of sea birds in  dire fear the Albatross they pass away filled with jetsum from the bay   vomit of human unkind deaf and dumb and clearly blind reality had passed him by … Continue reading

Sea birds affected by what we throw away

Plastic beer collars are clearly a pain discarded as garbage blown in wind and rain on beaches and park land where birds curiously get them on their heads its a threat tragically when it happens of course they can’t then … Continue reading