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They have an axa to grind or do they ?

Fox Hunting is a sick old sport That does away with poise Who like to trespass everywhere And make a lot of noise Drink and ride and ne’er confide In the likes of me An angel from the higher self … Continue reading

Foxes and their cubs

The Huntsman is the ignorant The dehumanised for he Persecutes the fox and the hound From the same family The Canidae The godly ones For one to kill another Creates a senseless murder scene Just like killing a brother And … Continue reading

Hunters on horse back

Throwbacks from a former age With a loathing of the now Most hold ancient grudges The loathsomeness of how Odious and obnoxious They snap they snarl they growl We are the lower orders The dregs seen as most foul When … Continue reading

Foxy my friend

Contempt for the law And wild life and more Hatred of foxes Rich toffs who wear Their gear and go riding With trained hounds they share They torture their dogs Starve them and so They run after foxes To eat … Continue reading

Wildness and the whole hunting theme

Existence, subsistence, eternity The whole life cycle where we The human, the hunter, encouraging those To come and spread fear and just be Undeniably practising murder Of the enduring and eternal flame What is the nirvana of many A groundless … Continue reading

It happened in Bakewell

Potency and power The influence of how In Bakewell so we hear Some Hunters made it clear Walking hounds Its tyranny That dominance A strategy Vested interests everywhere Command prevail It is just there The High Break Hunt Defiantly Do … Continue reading


To the fox who left his earth today To the vixen his partner who To his cubs perhaps he went for food And ended up in stew The HUNT was out The toffs were riding The hounds were hungry, they … Continue reading

My beloved FOX

The Hunting Act 2004 ********************** Hostility it hangs In clouds around the forest where The red one stalks And breathes the wondrous Ice clad December air Dissension in the countryside A jarring disharmony The frost that encrusts the barest boughs … Continue reading

Rural arse’oles

Kimblewick is at it Trail hunting so they say Entering a private farm Killing a fox that day The cops don’t seem to worry The government them too These so called bloody hunters Break laws thats what they do The … Continue reading

Flea in their ear

A cold Autumn morning The Hunters on cue The Sabs with their skeleton masks just a few Talked to the Hunters asking them why? The Sabs seen as wasters The fox has to die Why such a question Leave the … Continue reading

Councillors audacious ideology

Councillors with Urbanite audacity Unknowingly breach Laws of wildness, they Imagine their importance Usurp the will of people They are unconscious Spirits and their way Out of a predicament Is killing Deviousness the order of their day The Fox and … Continue reading

Trail hunting

Its all a big con A way, around The Hunting Law me thinks decked out in Their clobber And a few warming drinks They have clambered up onto their Thoroughbreds hounds are a yelping A trail is laid Convinced they … Continue reading

I thank the Goddess for Baronsdown

Its bitterly cold In the forest The wind shock the system And we The wild ones that live and that Play here Are shocked by the Adversity Christmas brings frost And snow falling Earnestly we have to be Careful when … Continue reading

a lot of sad vixens

A lot of sad vixens Holed up in the earth With their cubs It just rubs And shows me their worth And What Hunters believe They can chase any soul For they have the upper hand Yes they control On … Continue reading

Good for you H & M

the howling of the vixens Had pierced the hearts of some Landowners who realised Their wild folk Far from dumb Loved living on their precious land Amongst the tall trees high But all hated the hunters And the way their … Continue reading


Hunt Saboteurs Have courage Taking on those Huntsman who Clad in pure delinquency Doing what they do Ex Chief Inspector Davies Hoped in his own speak That officers would not see The following Footage that we leak 100 Hunting webinars … Continue reading


At last the so called councils Up and down the land Are coming around And making a really thoughtful Stand Ethical determination Of the Hunting Law And Peterborough took the challenge And showed the hunt what for All forms of … Continue reading

Fox hunting gentry scumbags

Aiding and abetting The scumbags of the soul Sinning illegalities Their misconduct role Suspected blamed and censured Toffs that all they be Fino down the proverbial hatch Conmen actually Out there on their horses Rascals clad in red Jodhpurs to … Continue reading

Illegal hunting

Police have been involved Thats the air service Accompanying the ground force So we hear In the Cotswolds illegal hunts Are happening In the Beaufort Area Some fear Is represented clearly And its worrying After all it is against the … Continue reading

The foxman

The flush of the sunset Foxman his coat A ruddy bloom A scarlet note Standing out in the forest Red ochre red lead A rouge painted hero Whose appearance just led His showy veneer Pyrotechnics His energy you could feel … Continue reading

The toffs of Cumbria

Despite the covid lockdowns Despite the rule of Law The toffs well High on fino Are hunting more and more In the Orthwaite area The Cumberland Hunt are there The hounds in cry I wonder why The Cumbrian cops Turn … Continue reading

Laws and toffs

Laws were never passed for TOffs Not the hunting types The rooted suited booted clan Who always get the gripes When groups of SABS Are present who know they break the law Those toffs all high on fino Oh yea … Continue reading

Edicts from the darkly

Mindlessness is clearly Rampant out in the EU A certain moronic feature Doing what they do Changing back to experiments On animals we hear Clearly they are wanting And as such it is very clear The bureaucrats should be the … Continue reading

My wild red friend

Wild he be And VOLES he will see and hear and dig the vole his treat For a certain sweetness  of its meat  Beneath  the grassy roots he will be ou rough pasture Neglected and free parting  the grass a … Continue reading


His red tunic gives the game away The leather jodhpurs all can pay The hounds the rounds the pounds We see Arrogance which most agree The fox a shy and timid soul Family orientation Such control Lost in his sojourn … Continue reading

Bird and fox killers

Natural England Has that ring About it’s name That seems to bring A consciousness into the fore But the current death toll We ignore Nearly 600 foxes died And 800 crows on the other side Slaughtered sadly alive no more … Continue reading

Into the Rainbow Bridge so many were taken

The hedgerows hold the cover Where Wildness did exist So many victims quietly stolen from the mist Of time as earths were emptied By the prowling poacher man The National Park in Pembrokeshire Across the years did span Snares and … Continue reading

Peace and quiet of a country walk

The peace and quiet The solitude The existential need To share the undying spirit In the countryside and feed Off of the glorious naturalness That abounds in all our hearts The physical The tangible How the visionary imparts So much … Continue reading

The old gate (the edge of the moor below Cosdon Hill)

For me “NO HUNTING” Says it all A peaty path Where shadows fall Across Dartmoor A wooden gate A dry stone wall Whose crumbled state Gives passers by A chance maybe To stop and ponder And to see And feel … Continue reading


To possess that innate perverse amorality To wake up knowing that you have that quality To kill and make a business of shooting Our wild creatures The fox the little warrior whose free To wander through the hedgerows into gardens … Continue reading