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Teaching mice

infestation can be problematical mice  will nest where there is food they eat crumbs and bits and pieces left on tables will bring them in they see it as a treat   the problem  is that mice are true piss … Continue reading

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Poly fluorinated Alkyl Substances

Poly fluorinated alkyl substances Forever chemicals So they say Even unborn babies Have them in their bodies The edifying truth and why we pay Banned in Denmark Not so here The supermarkets they Stain resistent carpets Water repellant clothing Cosmetics … Continue reading

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A mouse worthy of so much more

Written 1/12/1996 You dare to grow a human ear Upon a mouse my friend You call yourself a Scientist Where is it going to end Transgenics is a word you use But much of human thought Has not yet grasped … Continue reading

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“Pinky” was our little mouse Who lived with us within our house She was loving sweet and kind With a typical micelets mind Loved to take the cheese from us Really caused us little fuss Slept in daytime Up at … Continue reading

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“Sengi” that elephant could be my long lost brother

Tiny in stature But fast on its feet Fast for its size not even a cheetah Can compete A builder of paths all over the place Ways to escape from the monitors face The forked tongue of fear That will … Continue reading

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There is a deviant on the loose

The first case was recorded in 2014 In Croydon And since then we know 400 Cats Squirrels Foxes and Rabbits Have been murdered And just left on show Many spread eagled Left under bedroom windows A deviant clearly around Making … Continue reading

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Its deep seated in the culture In the tradition of a place In Africa it is illegal And these days a disgrace Wild and feral animals The sick ones too can be Victims in the killing Which is why now … Continue reading

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RIver Bend San Francisco

The nobility of the wild and free With a pedigree and an ancestry In a rustic space where every face Has humility its just wants to be Part of the whole conceived of soul Unpretentiously its role Inoffensive unassuming Unseen … Continue reading

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Three screams

Back in the dusty old annals in China Eating, something rare Gave much to the diner A social standing that was their thought And communal wealth clearly was sought These kind of people had little regard For animal species and … Continue reading

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Guangdong’s total shame

Guangdong in Southern China Boasts a frightful taste The menu’s depict a wealth Of horrors Its something diners faced For years but this latest Delicacy Is rodents in a sauce “3 squeaks” thats live baby mice Shows me How much … Continue reading

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