“Sengi” that elephant could be my long lost brother

Tiny in stature
But fast on its feet
Fast for its size not even a cheetah
Can compete
A builder of paths all over the place
Ways to escape from the monitors face

The forked tongue of fear
That will chase them down
A reptile of sorts
With the guile of a clown
Tis true i am tiny
But boy can i run
Through the maze of real paths
Now under the sun

I look like an elephant
In a small way
As big as a mouse
A shrew i can say

Scent glands on my feet
A tiny trunk nose
I love to eat termites and ants
That do pose

A lot of nutrition
And me building trails
Out of danger are purposeful
Among the females

who can run far away
From their brood where they be
Its the maternal love
Which has to be key

I am a Sengi a tiny wee soul
Can be crushed under foot
Can be pushed down a hole
I sleep on my feet 1 or two minutes me
And then run like the clappers
With a need to be free

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