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To Jean Chretien in Ottawa october 1998

I am told god cries seeing their blood on hearing well their deathly thud which makes each tiny seal implode its brain awash it’s eyes explode this tiny creature of the sea its heart was beating rapidly on seeing man … Continue reading

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New builds everywhere

a cheapening of living spaces we surely are losing ground impoverishment for wild stock the contagion is around it is a deterioration a spoiling and a misuse our hollows and our hedges and our wooded vales abuse and so we … Continue reading

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New Grange

a massive feat of workmanship farmers and Astronomers used their mighty muscles to carve out an astonishing tomb 5200 years ago 270 foot diameter a structure so much older than the great Egyptian pyramids 43 feet high it is a … Continue reading

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All lit up for jubilee

the sarsons and the blue stones their ancientnesss alight with pictures of the aged Queen for me it isnt right glitteringly out of place across salisbury plain remarkable in so many ways but Do we really  gain Putting a spin … Continue reading

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five long years of crying of broken heartedness the  government sits on its hands the whole nation must stress those victims trapped and burning no exits which  we saw the cladding adding to the fire which many did ignore cosmetic … Continue reading

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Ban trapping

bright eyed and of course bushy tailed trapped inside a snare a vixen and her cubs in some deep earth yes away  somewhere a cruel and nasty hunter relentless nasty too spiteful heartless rotten violence through  and through hunters should … Continue reading

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Cherry ripe

a stormy May day the wind blowing away birds on the wing are sheltering cherries on the tree some three by three hanging on for dear life just wanting to be ripe full of flavour later on bold and red … Continue reading

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you probably were not aware that there was someone who could communicate with Ladybirds and might reply to you there I was imagining the study that I had done and now I could relate it you know to anyone and … Continue reading

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Feeling light

the feline luminary lives for the light and in its resplendence its feeling in spite of human involvement How   somewhat intense Its in the profound making, much more sense   its eyes are ablaze with the light of the … Continue reading

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On the web

i just spoke to a spider who lives on my car not inside but outside infact quite the  star eight legs and bundles of webbing to hold he clings to my wing mirror and says he’s not cold he holds … Continue reading

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A new found love

there is a blackbird in the fig tree singing his heart out, he clearly is a tenor for his music sounds to me to be wholly melodic in readiness no doubt to attract a lady chorister who might just be … Continue reading

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Cruel and insensitive

louis Vuitton in Tokyo they found protest  the reason they attracted that day dealing in skins in death so to say sold out as exotic on words they do play   It is violence of course a dark tour de … Continue reading

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Who wants to be a male chick

Fluffy thats me male me too born on an egg farm not a good thing to do sorted by women very keen of eye females in one box males are piled high ferment and fear violence at the core down … Continue reading

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It happened in Tring

a pale brown moth was  his mother a bright green caterpiller was her son falling from some ivy on a high wall thats what he had done down he tumbled precariously into an alley below an ovate saw it happen … Continue reading

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A new life on its way

two tigers came from a circus made to do tricks till one day this travelling circus dumped the two tigers in an old railway carriage to stay temporarily but reality tells us they never returned for 15, long years they … Continue reading

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Fly tippers

walking the dogs what she had found was strewn in a wild patch of plants On the ground black plastic sacks someone didnt  care they  got  rid of their rubbish just leaving it there   a druid just happened to … Continue reading

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Hard working gentle donkeys willing generally they bust a gut they  are resolute but the  Chinese seemingly   need their skin its “ejaio” its medicine you see we torture them they  struggle compliant evtraordinarily     ungrudgingly they toil and … Continue reading

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Ballymoney a new slaughterhouse

ululation and wailing blubbering and whimpering notes filthy dirty blood soaked walls the cries from cull sows throats killed before their life span tonged and gassed and slashed animals and workers  their spirits how they are dashed a stench to … Continue reading

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Bulgarian mink

rusty dirty full of cobwebs cages inside we see minks  adversely treated as frightened as can be underfed and with gaping wounds a continual struggle, they are beingbtortured being harmed every single day their skin will make fur coats of … Continue reading

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Disorderly conduct

chem trails and EMF pesticides and five g all sorts of toxins Wait now for the Bee collecting the pollen as best as we can suffering greatly because of man he steals  our pollen he steals it all gives  back … Continue reading

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The Bee and the Dandelions

The excitement of Spring and a concordant  time to go after pollen worthy of a rhyme wildness is pollen Nature’s true gift a wondrous coherence a positive lift thankfully Dandelions are the dominant  flower alive to the sun to the … Continue reading

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The meadow lands of Merrow

The  meadow lands of Merrow where cows and sheep do graze low lying a touch boggy perrenial grass a phase of lustrous leaves, and wilder herbs plucked out by thought and kin inherent in domestic flocks where healing doth underpin … Continue reading

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Can we have our say now

its a really crazy mixed up world human beings, they look after us  and some do they just blow us away with making our lives wonderful but some alas they are just the bloody opposite they honestly are far   … Continue reading

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africa’s children suffering so kidnapped a lot of them and made to go to the very poor farms where the beloved cacao is grown and is harvested I do ask how? terrible conditions children are slaves big corporations many are … Continue reading

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The many Beagles

The  bedrock of beauty are the Beagles wonderful dogs with passion and care genuinely soulful hardy and precious incomperable and aware   wait for the green wash the lies and the falsity so many Beagles tortured and hampered experimented on … Continue reading

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she knows who she is

a mother saddled with a life of stresses blesses the little time that she can be singing, playing entertaining travelling to lovely places magickal she has  one of those faces compelling i am telling her story today she’s a messenger … Continue reading

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Safety net

A safety net for animals mistreated souls who  have been taken in and cruelly treated and end up really lean skin and bone all beaten call the RSPCA a safety curtain coming down not always so they say   animals … Continue reading

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My mother

My mother is extra special her love for me,,it takes my breath away, i have to say honestly she makes other  cats mums inferior the reason  is that she knows i was off colour and suffering yes sadly   out … Continue reading

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We each give out vibrations picked up of course by those plants and  other sensitives and so awareness grows mentality and understanding consciousness and powers of thought the inner child  the inner mind speculatively  sought the enquirers  mind is seeking … Continue reading

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Psychic gardening

psychic gardening has to be the truly honest way the realisation that plants can feel and possibly do play seeing perhaps much more than us and realise their worth the esoteric loving game with good old mother earth.

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