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Canada Goose

What a wicked brand of arrogance Within the heart of man Who Markets their apparel and truthfully they plan To actually give the impression That collecting down and fur Is eminently ethical Not an idea that I concur Down comes … Continue reading

To all you rotten sods who wear fur or skins

Wearing the skin Of another being What does that make me Am I all seeing Am I a monster Seemingly so Why do you do this When clearly you know A rabbit or a bunny A fox and or a … Continue reading


Time is a shared value item And giving one’s time as some do Standing outside of Canada Goose Showing off just what they do Murdering mammals magnificence A badness of ungodly guilt Basically degenerate traders Its one where their business … Continue reading


Fur hags Dead eyes Thats the FUR Hags Lovers so they say Ignorant opportunists Unreliably in the pay Of Trappers. Murderers Hunters Scumbags who all wait To tempt a hungry animal And kill it at a rate Of knots, The … Continue reading

Coyote Killers

An irreverence for Nature For these god given souls Such vile desecration An insult for the roles They play establishing an equilibrium Their bounden duty, they By observance and by conscience That the Coyote tribes do play Observing the wrongness … Continue reading

Poor coyote

When a coyote inadvertently Gets caught up in a trap It becomes a waking nightmare Such misery such crap Heaving hoping somehow Trying to get free Hoping it is possible Before she comes for me That trapper Bridget Wilcox Uneasy … Continue reading


Our habitat is shrinking fast The integrity is gone Disharmony is all around And it’s violence now we don That ugly cloak of darkness To venture out now we Feel the outstretched arms of hunters To a perilous degree A … Continue reading

If Massachusetts can do it so can the world

The reasoning power of many And the consciousness of some The inner child whose spirit Who perhaps may put their thumb Directly onto a problem With hindsight probably May browse for hours And smell the flowers Before commenting thoughtfully Distracted … Continue reading

Canada Goose

It goes right through you It does for me The screwballs trap We didn’t see And now my leg is held Real tight And Canada GOOSE Believes it’s right They pay the oddballs who do this shit Next to nothing, … Continue reading

Coyote Kings

Mother Nature she knows best The Coyotes are supreme It makes no difference what men think Their place here of esteem Is guaranteed for ever For clearly they hit the spot On earth they are so vital Unlike hunters who … Continue reading

The murder house in Alberta

A spitefulness beyond the heart Ill-disposed and from the start Disloyal to every wild soul who Ever walked the forest through The unforgiving gloating male Behind his gun his laurels sail His courage lifts his manhood to A space beyond … Continue reading

Canada goose and the margin hunters

A certain illogicality.surrounds the fashion trade Canada Goose is a company Whose inconclusive raid Upon the natural wildlife Is measured in the way Their minds work And their balance sheet And their margins Everyday Their perception is that Coyotes were … Continue reading

Trapping and Penning Coyotes and Foxes

We often hear of China and how immoral they be But let me tell you America Takes some beating tragically Many states in the south west Are guilty really so Of barbarism on a scale That most of you dont … Continue reading

Wolves and coyotes

Wild wyoming Get the snowmobile Chase down the wild ones you have the right To torment to torture And ofcourse yes to pursue Wolves and coyotes chase them crazy Till they fall just run them down In cold blood then … Continue reading

Trapper women

Look at her Hideous wretch that she is Her gracelessness honestly She is the biz A hunter and poacher a trapper A slut An odious creature As dull as a nut And look what she left A trap for to … Continue reading

The COYOTE and Canada Goose

Canada Goose A company that doesnt think enough It knows about its balance sheet And, sometimes things get tough But as to the wild creatures That live and share the earth These companies are too miserly They do see their … Continue reading

A stall in the market

A rail of murdered animals You can almost hear their cries The raccoon dogs in china Skinned before our eyes Alive hung on a rusty nail On a rotten pole And stretched and pulled Whilst screaming This a true wild … Continue reading

Alaska The Last frontier

Purchased from the Russians in 1867 A vast open wilderness wild as can be Animal earthlings and many indigenous Live side by side in the land of the free The Department of Fish & Game overseas Life there Its Facebook … Continue reading

Canada goose

Their mission statement Reads that they Think of you And it is their way To use coyote fur which will Keep you warm in fact until Knowing this you reach their hell Trapping animals then to sell Canada Goose the … Continue reading

Canada goose use trapped coyote fur as trim

They say they are experts And where it is cold Faux fur is useless Despite being sold Its purely a fashion Statement they say And something they Will not be using No way Coyote works The trappers they use All … Continue reading

Anoraks and collars

Their fur is used for collars On anoraks which is why Low life trappers come around And the innocent souls then die Caught in cowardly crushing traps And left to pass away Of blood loss or starvation Thats an awful … Continue reading

Coyote boys

The Coyote’s adaptability allows it a free reign Its a wily individual with a rather clever brain Its suited to its environment and has an instinctive flair With a life force thats so powerful and it truthfully does share Knowledge … Continue reading

The Grand Salon

The Grand Salon A celebration Of An eating place On an aristocratic style New York displayed it’s face Open alcoves with champagnes Where you could do your thing Everywhere such luxury It just had that special ring That was until … Continue reading

Coyote pile

Rack them up the coyotes they Lost their lives alas that day These kids that’s really all they are Their little souls straight away they scar Completely innocent of karmic debt Already though the clock is set Coyote souls are … Continue reading

The coyote deserves better

Re wilding is an option on the table its has to be, if the countryside is to be maintained for all the good its does for all of  us unless we build just everywhere a key issue here, are the … Continue reading

Coyotes need respect not critter busters

My sisters the coyotes have to be saved stand up my sweet souls we have always braved all of these man traps and gas clouds before and these critter busters are breaking our law   we’ll take them on its … Continue reading


The song dogs take stock in the wilderness, they are killed for their skins and are so made to pay   for their feral magic their curious traits they run with the wind and they live  in the states a … Continue reading

Predator Derby’s

Predator Derby sicko men  think a lot of themselves but really it is all muscle in their brain and no one delves deeper than the blood lust the streak of piss inside any of them if you ask of course … Continue reading

Fox and Coyote Penning

Its certainly not the sport of kings its evil through and through it happens in America that’s where like like to do the dirty on wild animals trapped in those steel jaws released and bundled into cages with those thin … Continue reading


The same God who made man created Coyote it was a complex creation but they eat sheep so the hunters and government tell us and thus can be shot at any time of the day go up in a copter … Continue reading