Canada Goose

What a wicked brand of arrogance
Within the heart of man
Who Markets their apparel
and truthfully they plan
To actually give the impression
That collecting down and fur
Is eminently ethical
Not an idea that I concur
Down comes from the native Geese
Fur from the Coyote
They must be wild not ever farmed
So are trapped it seems to me
A wild soul in its environment
Stumbles on these traps
These fearsome leg hold Devices
where this vile contraption slaps

Its sprung weight on the victims limbs
Imagine how that pain
Experienced trappers
The animal insane
with agony
Must lay there
Hoping to get away
Before the trapper comes along
And shoots it so we say

How really very ethical is that
Canada Goose?
Out hunting for its larder
And attracts this vile abuse
Its fine according to Canada Goose
Freezing in the cold
Bleeding from the evil trap
That of course has taken hold

Waiting for the trapper
To raise his arse and come
He has been approved by Government
So obviously is some
Very prudent murdering scumbag
Who will eventually
Find the animal dying
Or dead it seems to me

Isn’t that fantastically ethical
Doesnt it make you feel
You want to buy that Parka
Your body to reveal
Another creatures body
That was trapped there in the cold
That lie there in a tormented state
That fought hard and perhaps rolled

Around trying to get away
A fractured leg or two
A good for nothing trapper
Yes duplicity will do
Down thats those gorgeous feathers
That keep the wild geese from
Freezing up imagine that
And it costs a bomb

Under the snow geese label
A down filling machine
Plucked out of their sensitive skin
But that is never mean
No try it pulling a tuft of hair
Out of your head and see
How it feels how it reveals
Unbelievable purgatory

And, these are wild birds
Birds that like to fly
With hearts and souls
Pain that makes them cry
They weep at the improbity
God given down it is torn free
Imagine it the agony
One after another it has to be

Canada Goose is able to say
Its better that polyester
Any day
Better for who the geese no way
For Canada Goose! you bet they say
Out in the icy climates down
Keeps you safe with such renown
Imagine your feathers torn one by one
A shakedown when the day is done

Birds are sensitive they have to be
its part of the whole dishonesty
Cruelty its simply what
Happens integrity its not
its opportunism and unconscientiousness
Its a stab in the back
More or less

It make my heart bleed thinking how
All these animals suffer now
The curl of the lip the sniff the snort
The disrespect the lack of thought
The humiliation of the wild soul
Of its family somewhere in a hole
Wondering where now it might be
Dragging its leg now frantically

And what for, so that people can
Dress up in the cold an exquisite plan
To look good and remain
Warm as toast
With the tortured remains
Of a murdered host
Who screamed out sadly
But nobody heard
Who suffered the torture
It seemed absurd

Creation had gifted them
Fur and skin
And feathers but man
The king of sin
The great designer
The heartless they
Could trap and murder
Could butcher and slay

Could make a business
And attract those who
Had skin of their own
But were hoodwinked to
Take on the wild fur and feathers
They could stay warm
In the ice and snow

All of the karma no matter
They say
All of those lives snuffed
Out and we pay
The piper his dues
And the creature forget
For we are the arrogant
Designer set.

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