Sea Shepherd v the Poachers

The lunacy of poachers
Their wickedness and sin
From China and the EU
To Africa to win
Themselves a bunch of
Precious local fish
Sharks whales and more
Squalene oil and fins
Just stolen
Really it is war

Gabon and Liberia
The artisan fishing boats
Small canoes take on the poachers
Anything that floats
Doesn’t stand a chance against
These poachers
All they do
is run across the fishing nets
And the dugout canoe

Locals die, and by catch
Where hundreds of sharks and whales
Are caught up and just slaughtered
Really nothing pales
Into the significance
For creation every day
Sees battles going on at sea
Against the affray

Really its a battle royal
Thank goodness Sea Shepherds there
The Bob Barker and Sam Simon
All very aware
Crews that stock up on courage
Armed vivacity
Honourable and caring
Angels of the sea

SeaSpiracy was aired
And lots of people were upset
The countries and the illegality
In every body’s debt
Responsible for killing
And wasting so much life
Arresting all these blighters
That really deal in strife

The deep sea shark poaching
Making fifty tons of oil
Thousands of shark are landed
The North Atlantic toil
And thoughtfulness preventing
These apex predators dying
And all of it is criminal
And the perpetrators lying

Suffocating fish in nets
Eyes bulging all that pain
Slaughterhouses out at sea
I surf and rain
All sorts of shapes and sizes
Violaters they
Shameless villainous rotters
At the end of every day

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