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Woulds’t I

Yes I feel emotional I enjoy working well In the garden sawing logs And To myself I tell Little made up ditties That one day I may know That all I ever wanted Out of life was to love her … Continue reading

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Marineland’s Orca’s in Antibes

Orca’s in captivity a place where they Should never be SEAWORLD has proved that Every day For SEAWORLDS profit The Orca’s pay With shortened lives And so much stress Sun burn oxide treatments Less Depth, to swim in Its a … Continue reading

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Left to their own Resources

It suddenly happened The shit hit the fan Such a big earthquake When most of us ran Up to the high hill The tsunami too Washed into our town Like tsunami’s do Then an explosion Great balls of fire Then … Continue reading

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Toxic at any level Lead its ultra bad They took it out of petrol And solder for it had Devastating results On us It also used to be In all paint But it has been taken Out of paint most … Continue reading

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The gentry and the loaded The so called upper class The royals and those who know them The nobility who pass as lords and their ladies They can look down on us all The working class the bourgeois The rustic … Continue reading

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Sale of elephants to C hina

Ivory orphans or just such unfortunates elephant babies now sold Zimbabwe is selling whats left of its soul For a portion of that Chinese gold Around £40,000 pounds for each baby That is the going rate they Get clearly blood … Continue reading

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Temples and elephants

The pachyderms show fortitude and courage In temples their nirvana clearly feels Vacant and symbolic unfounded and just pointless Their patience and their solace soon reveals And outwardness and opportunity To kick the life out of the friendly trainer Who … Continue reading

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Del Bigtree Producer

Whistle blowers stand before The fraudulent and shout When all around the populous Expound their share of doubt The corporate and pathological Giants wave their fists As victims suffer badly And the medical world resists Up steps Dr Wakefield An … Continue reading

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Ksar el Kbir Morocco

Existence is a precious gift And human beings who Throw garbage in the street As many of them do Attract strays they are hungry And to shoot them as we see Clearly inexperienced shooters Wounding them actually Hearing their dreadful … Continue reading

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Cecil’s head

An anti poaching memorial Is to be erected by Zimbabwe Its old Cecil the greatest Lion That there could ever be Palmer cannot get his greasy fingers On the prize And it won’t be hanging on his wall As he … Continue reading

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Its a bilious day As the clouds fly away To the roar and the blow To the fences that go Dustbin lids walls Its one of those squalls Vicious ambitious Where everything falls Flat on its face Lost without trace … Continue reading

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Bingo perished He was lost His path to heaven Became a cost Sibuya cries She cries so much That certain humans Fail to touch Their hearts And souls This wizened lot They walk the darkly path They are not Of … Continue reading

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Trophy hunting and the Royals

Sitting on the fence Is clearly sometimes Seen as safe But such a cowardly way Of putting out a statement About hunting Its two faced Just trying to play Into both camps The hunters And the others And really thats … Continue reading

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The Shela River and the Sunderbans

Its a balancing act That is clearly causing conflict The coal fire plants Around the Sunderbans The largest mangrove forest In the world today And the seriousness of moving it Isn’t fun Along the Shela River So much wild life … Continue reading

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In cahoots

In the presence of animals One clearly feels A givenness as a matter of fact It reveals A whole lot of questions Why the sacrifice Why abandon the laws To protect in a trice The fox looking after the hen … Continue reading

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Sibuya laments its losses

Is there a chain of reasoning For kindred spirits to Tune into their suffering Its lamentable and true Apposite and pertinent A connection let us say An alliance and a linkage Into why they have to pay Pachyderms the essence … Continue reading

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Its just like a plague A malady where Certain youths of today Breed on despair The thorns in our flesh Pure virulence we Could pass in the street Baneful and free Baby a bulldog Who lived in Redcar For some … Continue reading

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Where do we go from here

I write and I speak about Animal Rights The increase in cases rises to heights Beyond any thought any salient thought Its everywhere such despair and in it we are caught Where do we start how can it be From … Continue reading

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MINK’s killed in the Nederlands

Fur is really a total lack of respect For life forms here Generally living in colder climes Who are trapped and farmed In awful conditions Who in fact all live in fear This is the fashion industry And the board … Continue reading

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Wagga mama

As a Maine Coon I do herald From Norwegian forests The cold my real mama Long water shedding hair and undercoat For me to spa With Jack Frost And his hail stones His icicles his sleet I am strong With … Continue reading

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Hunting is a misnomer when Predation is the target

Hunting is a misnomer When predation is the target Existence is the essential The perpetuity Its all about a balance Its immortal and eternal Enduring from the beginning The true reality To set up as a group Designed to imbalance … Continue reading

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Mexican Dolphinaria

Its come to be Out of the sea Into the Mexican Dark psyche What has unfolded Terribly US dolphins in Captivity Their freedom vanished At a stroke Their families lost Everything broke Around them Their whole family tree Torn down … Continue reading

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The Jarawa’s

Integration is arrogance It makes no sense at all The indigenous people are independent Eternity on call A massive ancestral background Though their habitat is being Carved up by the poaching clans Who really are all seeing Tourists have a … Continue reading

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SEA WORLDS PR theories

The collapsed dorsal issue We have heard from sea world who Said it happens in the wild Which of course isn’t true Apart from 1- 5 per cent It happens because of stress Something in the environment They just cannot … Continue reading

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SEA world and their propaganda

The deepest tank that SEAWORLD sports Is 40 feet and we See Orca’s placed in depths much less Which should never be its all about the money And the profit ratio Wild orca’s are aware of much And dive deep … Continue reading

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Taking semen from Orcas

the arrogance of Sea World And what is the evil too They change the face of nature To suit their own needs, few People really know this Take reproduction they Train male orcas to lay still Whilst they excite them … Continue reading

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Happy family

Co-existence actuality Grounded we can say A mother with 4 babies In the brightest light of day Melting in the sunlight Finding ways to shade Exploring in a tangle An important aid To growing up And bonding Its lovely to … Continue reading

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Buffalo slaughtering in Yellowstone

The existence of grandeur The presence of greatness The BISon herds eternal force Immortal in many ways grounded And special their pedigree really the source Yellowstone Park The wilderness place Potentiality rules These amazing animals Wild as can be Managed … Continue reading

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Vernal Equinox at Roll Rights

Positiveness the bedrock Of the Cotswold Order, We Met today our ritual shared At Roll Rights we could be Open in the present With blue skies flooding through Silhouetted trees around us And all those stones that drew Our every … Continue reading

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sea World and the Middle East

Middle East monotony For America appears To care about cetaceans They hate these concrete tubs Chorinated hell holes Obviously it rubs The Animal Rights protestors So, up the wrong way And Manby and the rest of them Honestly they say … Continue reading

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