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out of sight out of mind really Australia?

Despite the closer scrutiny Of live exports what we see Is still too many sheep that die On each voyage which feels to me Like abuse and dreadful cruelty These are animals and they Face stress beyond their wildest thoughts … Continue reading

Exporting live animals to the middle east by ship

Morality appears to have just Disappeared for good Shippers are unconscious And insincere they should Care about the animals And realise their worth Creation made them miracles On One part of this earth To Farmers trucking animals In sweltering heat, … Continue reading

Extend flesh eating to all animals

A petition out on twitter Apparently sets its case For extending the consumption Of dogs and cats Give chase To exotica thats the canines And the felines and no doubt Anything else that moves Yes thats what its about A … Continue reading

Beyond the point of no return

A chaotic state is apparent Irregularity A slovenliness of spirit For the wild intricacy Human intervention is a shambles I can feel Undisciplined and unruly A rampage now so real We have a moral weakness A senility of soul Letting … Continue reading


It stands there In all its glory Is that the word to use 7000 oil drums Are there any clues To why its there Christo and Jean Claude Those two apparently Created this piece of art For all of us … Continue reading

Chickens and their suffering

Unbelievable exploitation A waking nightmare they Anguish angst and agony For them its everyday Everyones a martyr Thanks to egg farms that Fail these chickens hourly Damnation is where they are at In cages crammed and helpless Their mournfulness their … Continue reading

Oil leak in Rotterdam

800 or so wild swans were Stressed out on Saturday A bulk tanker crashed into a jetty And oil burst out they say 200 tons of fuel in fact Spilled out what could they do All these birds got coated … Continue reading

Taiji and the murdering and slavery

Their perceptivity and awareness Their telepathy and thought Compared to the Taiji fishermen And whatever they purport To imagine in their psyche Compared to the dolphins they Are unconscious obtuse morons Who dont know the time of day These murdering … Continue reading

Palm oil

We really have to now avoid This rotten pal oil, it Is ruining the forests And hobestly isnt fit For any kind of purpose Apart from banksters who Care nothing about the environment Nor the animals, they woo Corporates and … Continue reading

Shanay Timpishku(boiled with the heat of the sun)

In the Mayantuyacu Sanctuary Where the Ashaninka be In the Huanuco high forest A tributary Of the great soul AMAZON A boiling river does Flows 4 miles through the forest The earth arteries they buzz A waterfall and massive pools … Continue reading

TAR SANDS From Alberta to Stroud with love

Having plans in place.for the catastophe They said it wouldnt happen but it does Remember all the problems with the pipeliness Through America DAPL Had that enormous buzz That saw the government pit itself Against veterans, locals and the indigenous … Continue reading

Lets not traduce the MOOSE

Based on a true story Hunting in North Ontario Camouflage and all The Moose around these parts Are big You can choose to call And wait Among moist meadows Or game tracts Or maybe Use one of the attractants The … Continue reading

Stonehenge summer solstice

There it is Its magnificent In its Place on Salisbury plain Presili stones and Sarsons Hewn and put in place To gain To demonstrate an aura An impressiveness beyond A truly commanding ediface In which all who see Respond An … Continue reading

Live exports of sheep and cattle

Its the vilest of exports Shipping live animals From farm to slaughter To me its a crime And its all about money Which doesnt feel funny For me those who do this Are no better than slime Creation of animals … Continue reading

“A radical moment” a song of our times

When not to eat animals is seen as too radical That just proves one thing We must have arrived Where the tallest of steeple And the hymns of the people Researching their diets See we have survived On our tofu … Continue reading

“Worried dream” from Peter Green

The graphics apparently Simple but they Follow the mind at the dawn of the day Encompass a place Where a solitary boat Sits on a lake And just lets music float Tired and alone Hands clasped having sown Seeds in … Continue reading

Witchety green

Witchety green From the island of fae Her eye catching verdancy Blew me away Sage and weeping willow Apple and pea Avocado chartreuse Eau-de-nil yes she be Rings on her fingers Raven black hair The heart of a warrior And … Continue reading


A ship in a bottle Unearthed on the sand Jettisoned years before Lets understand The ways of the wind Of the tides Of the moon The Ocean resplendent And once so in tune Momentous energies Cleansing us all That mirror … Continue reading

Summer Solstice at Rollrights 2

A grey old day was had by all Windy and rather cold But despite that lots of people came And joined our merry fold A lot of nice new faces And a number of the clan Formed a perfect circle … Continue reading

Rollrights at the summer solstice 1

A heavily wooded shady lane A rusty gate to where A path looks down on Chipping Norton A hillock green and fair The rollright stones From neolithic times Rest peacefully Where A labyrinth and brilliant light Is there for all … Continue reading

Mythago Morris

Fantasy tradition Just listen and you will hear The tales of myth and magick As the dancing folk appear Clad there in black tatters Old England border style Purveyors of great stories Just you listen for a while Characterization Narration … Continue reading

Tinker lane

Tinker lane The big green gates Badboy lock on’s It creates Excitability From the start Exhileration From the heart Fracking is a worthless State Energy that isnt great Unstable in a frenzied day Volatile how it will pay When the … Continue reading

Trophy hunting scumbags

none of them on the the breadline But as hunters go they be Underfinanced and niggardly And just so miserly They want to go to Africa Game hunters thats their thing And looking through the safari books The prices kind … Continue reading

“Faithful unto death”

What rationality could horses expect Engaged in war Made to fight an enemy And be cut down for sure Up against the machine guns And the enemy who would aim At the horses everytime As history did claim Their fear … Continue reading

The notion of an Ocean

Created by the almighty I am ocean I am sea Essential for all life on earth And I will always be Immortal and undying Indestructible for I Am tangible and palpable And equal to the sky A wholeness and a … Continue reading

Tinker lane today

This morning bright and early Two ladies are locked on In front of the I gas gates In their fancy mouton Sheepishly and peacefully With their nativity Of little furry animals Around we all can see When Ian did his … Continue reading

I gas frack pad TINKER Lane North NOTTINGHAM

Yesterday at Tinker Lane The warriors on show Protecting land and air and water As some of you may know Up against the corporations Who have infiltrated and Are set to cause disruption Right across our land The day began … Continue reading

60 seconds via Peta

The evidence is there Before the world our eyes can see The obtuseness and the coarseness And the vulgarity Warped and twisted mindsets Unsound minds now be Under a delusion That this is not real cruelty One must question the … Continue reading

The sickness of the so called fashionable

Clearly a crisis of conscience Exists in this big world today For me incredulity Derision and mockery A sickness exists Actually In Mexico so called designers Clearly their awareness no more Believe it is right to use Insects And go … Continue reading

The old gate

coming upon the old gate Well-used and well worn A portal to a secret garden Made more beautiful by a dawn Sky above so peaceful An Expression Of love and care That Resolutely stands fast In the morning air Harbouring … Continue reading