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Reptiles deserve better

Exotic skin A retail tag Murdering reptiles To make a bag Shoes a belt Luxury For sicko humans Who expectantly Give credence to the hunters who Trap and kill reptiles Its true Gifted souls with armour they Are abusing wildlife … Continue reading

To all you rotten sods who wear fur or skins

Wearing the skin Of another being What does that make me Am I all seeing Am I a monster Seemingly so Why do you do this When clearly you know A rabbit or a bunny A fox and or a … Continue reading

Exotic leather

Living skin is invaluable Dead skin becomes the hide Or leather and then whether The wearer had denied The life force or the death knell Either way we see A living breathing miracle And lifeless infamy. Uppitiness and snobbery Its … Continue reading

Nordstrom across all its lines

Compunction and compassion Are an order of the day Benevolence and gentleness Creates a bright new ray Of optimism true charity Of feeling from the heart And for fashion stores to adopt This strategy is a good start Down the … Continue reading


Ensnaring and trapping I hear is on the rise The pandemic has got people Who realise With the drop off in tourism Locals agree They need to go hunting And trap constantly It is very easy These days to procure … Continue reading


Why do we punish angels Castigate and beat Try to remove their innocence Before we remove their feet Hang them from the yard arm Like a sack of shite Make them shake with terror And a greed and insatiable blight … Continue reading

Spiral horn slam

How to be a murderer Pay your money take your choice How to put the end to life For a soul without a voice Africa the Cameroon A place where herds of Eland are Grass and leaves what that achieves … Continue reading

The very thought of it got under my skin

The incoordination of the average Mind out there What is a state of chaos And anarchic despair An upheavel of creation A dishevelment of thought Embroiled in the thought of profit In its convolution caught What began with hunter gatherers … Continue reading

A few moments in the Dairy

The greatest con In History Milk and veal my god How could we all be taken in Its been a massive rod Bearing down upon us all The vegetarians too Who gave up flesh but drank The babies fluids who … Continue reading

Innocence a fast disappearing phenomena

Righteousness and honour Morality abroad The virtue that is infancy And the due reward Of babies born Created by the almighty Who knows all But the parent killed For the table and the unborn Clearly spilled Out upon the slaughterhouse … Continue reading

A horror from the dairy

Little known You can understand Just why that may be Unborn calves Their pregnant mums Slaughtered Which for me Is wicked Absolutely Its immorality Ungodly and irreligious But it happens As we see The leather trade Can profit From the … Continue reading

That cheap leather jacket you just bought shame you didn’t give it more thought

Women and children watching A female cow now sits On a green tarp upon this earth Fittingly her wits Are still alive and feeling The agony and the wrath These Indians these cretins walk down Hathor’s path To absolute iniquity … Continue reading

Leather bags

Handbags made of dead animals skin Open them and see Behind the exotic image Beating hearts now be It really is a picture The intestines and the blood Yes you get it on your hands As it begins to flood … Continue reading


What and olfactory experience can we justify The stench of rotting flesh on skins that will Be used to fashion into leather garments Only made from animals they kill No animal wants to die to just be carved up Its … Continue reading

be satisfied with the skin you are in

  100 per cent vegan shoes no need for leather   Ashrams and sitars and gurus curry The Ganges and more locked in our psyche the cow it is holy thats if you think that the law     is … Continue reading