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Death camps Set up areas To murder living souls To fulfil the dead flesh trade The dead skin trade The spill Of degenerate activity Infanticide it’s there Murdering the females And the veterans Who share The oxygen out in the … Continue reading

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Broiler chicken farmers Are as arrogant as hell They are totally unexceptional As broilers know so well Creative not a tiny bit Despoilers all the day Killers torturers murderers They are in that passage way

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Broilers v spoilers

These are living beings Created miracles who Have hearts and souls and legs and wings They fly unlike you No butcher and no farmer Can create them, they Are unique beings actually What else can one say

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Broiler murder

Racing through a chickens life on earth Just to achieve Profit from the egg to when It’s killed and sold, believe Me there is no ethic No standard anymore These beautiful birds are manipulated On the broiler floor

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