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A Darpa funded Race Specific Bio weapon And Following the Project Coast A Replicating stand And infertility vaccine From the death star long ago A nightmare of proportions Where suffering will grow Out of the minds of devils The Deep … Continue reading

The footballer the hunter

The unconcern and apathy Of trophy hunting scum Their callousness Their unsentimentality So numb To the wildness of an animal Go hunting its the thing A male Lion holed up in a zoo For a year What that does bring … Continue reading

Real courage in my book

Cast your minds back A lone warrior stood He was not a soldier Just someone as good Facing a machine A red army tank Fanaticism And a face that was blank And he on the square As tenacious as hell … Continue reading

I watched it three times the dark waters I mean

Despite the dark waters Of Parkersburg, we Despite all that sadness The deaths that we see C8 is so evil And Dear Rob Bilott Industrial Processes Yes so Many we’ve got More every moment Dead in the ground Scampering maggots … Continue reading

This day and age

DNR’s, the stasi and Hitler Might agree Watch a sickly patient dying And be told that she Must be left to perish Resuscitation No You are no samaritan Your a tory don’t you know Learning disabilities, people Who might not … Continue reading

Behavioural Science

Behavioural Science Knob heads employed Brainwashing people Who were once overjoyed But now are much closer To the woe and the dread Whilst others are going right off their head Needless to say The uneasiness sucks Scowling and frowning Nobody … Continue reading

Parliament Square and expensive cup of coffee

Parliament Square To exercise A coffee as we go Not one not two Not three not four Five coppers now on show The women is about fifty Completely on her own “Your Under arrest” They tell her Breaching Covid Cover … Continue reading

Hyde Park

Walking quietly in the park How innocent is that After all these lockdowns We all know where we are at The fear promoted everywhere Is cuttingly unfair And the police should go catch criminals Not raise the anti there 5 … Continue reading

It all began with a walk in the park

It all began with a walk in the park Picnic spots really, a gentle mark Of respect in fact until the thought police Came with their threatening Words and the peace Erupted slowly took on a threat And by the … Continue reading

Sunday night in Bristol City

Bristol took a step towards The anti protest they Used some music lots of banners And spirit so they say The appeal aloud in full view We must kill the bill Seemingly with varied chants despite the Lockdown still Emotion … Continue reading

Can you hear them roaring.?

London’s roaring Freedoms Freedom All these awful Lockdowns Are Bone and muscel Such a tussle Everyone a star Rings of cops Sirens blazing This is London Its a war This is for real For those who feel The anguish pain … Continue reading

The long march

Today saw London demonstrate Protest and march, for they Are clearly pissed off and angry At the egregious way The police when they decide to Its arbitrary and unfair Pouncing on the old the young And the unaware Six at … Continue reading

De pop stop care of GEERT VANDEN BOSSCHE

Geert Vanden Bossche Worked on ebola vaccine Knows it won’t wash The filth the injection Vaccine Mass experimentations Across the Nations Seriously it is obscene We have to, all stop this madness A big rise is coming He knows He … Continue reading

Lock down and its affect on a person of the forest

The Orangutan An ape of magnitude and awe A swinger and a bringer A jungle man of war Who faces up to zoo keepers The lowest of the low The snarling rotten tight arsed Creeps Who just wishes he could … Continue reading


Fear now Its just everywhere Every breath you take Dread and awe Angst and flutter Doom and gloom Stay petrified and more The government want To control you Ashen faced and tense Lockdown under House Arrest Caged up keep the … Continue reading


4 stabbed The real Patriots With Trump up in The sky General Flynn Thinks we can win But more and more Will die So much vile corruption Toxins everywhere The Biden Camp Is putrid With the masses Unaware The cabal … Continue reading

Lexicon Swordsman

Normality its over Prisoners we’ve become In our own cells With our front door bells Under their rule of thumb Meeting friends thats over Being all alone Vaccinated its their way For their seeds to all be sown Freedom intimated … Continue reading

Dystopian Nightmare

Dystopian Nightmare Its already here AB in Oxfordshire And it was clear A public road Green trees everywhere The moronic were on him Wanting to scare His space, unenlightened Threateningly Forced him to stop And, Aggressively Held him security Private … Continue reading

Masked and forever mute

History is being Deleted we all see Statues of past heroes And others wickedly Torn off plinths And thrown in harbours Its all meant to be Standing stones and dolmens Where is the sanity? Sabatts and their meanings The seasons … Continue reading


A friend of mine Loves animals A Shepherd of the sea A warrior who worries Of such sincerity Caring for the wild one’s The shared one’s What it does Is fill us with frustration Regrets come flooding to us too … Continue reading

Taking life for granted

Deprivation, being elsewhere An empty space alone Nobody to talk to Your seeds have all been sown Lacking, wanting, needing Vacant, void, inane Outside the frost is bitter It just feels insane In the grip of loneliness Not a face … Continue reading

Lord Sumption

Lord Sumption has integrity His command of language It is key Courage and commitment too Responsiveness it all comes through Humility and modesty A champion such chivalry Justice and the process of Law Right minded, impartial He does implore An … Continue reading

AUSTRALIA bucking the trend

PETRICH bucks the trend And goes to bed with who The Chinese corporations This is what they do Chinese bright foods Exports all the way Ramping up the dairy And the methane everyday Moxey was kn the market And Petrich … Continue reading

Night follows day

The narration of the normality Is seldom Now in parity With the evil that abounds In time Where out of the fire Drenched ugly slime comes parasitic threats and foes Debilitating all those blows Our salvation comes through need And … Continue reading

Face coverings -no better off than farm animals

The great face mask debacle Droplets precautionary Control the soul It’s intelligence Artificial Seemingly Science the new god on high At the behest of those Corporations and Machinations Designed to protect our nose Our mouth and gloves protecting Our hands … Continue reading


Lockdown Social distancing Face masks BBC Covid death inflation It’s sUbjugation we Are being slowly softened up By the cabalistic few Our genocidal masters Who do what that lot do Kill the poor old people Who have worked their whole … Continue reading

Positively charged polyatomic ions

The  Supermarkets Are really Going overboard spraying  and cleaning the trolleys at the stores every time they are being used we are all getting abused anti bacterial  cleaning  sprays rubbed  all over  it’s the craze   it gets on your … Continue reading

Universal dupery

Shenanigans and skullduggery its so beyond the  pale to get through this we have to find our back bone And the trail just  using  our  minds to resonate And  to banish all this fear Deceit  it’s bloody  everywhere Bias that … Continue reading

The macaques of Lop Buri

Is It because of corvid 19 And no tourists anymore The macaques are doing battle With the temple troop And what’s more Talking to the monkeys They are gearing up for war No one around to feed them And frustration … Continue reading


Since the global pandemic Edicts from the top When will they bring out The heavy squad The gestapo types no doubt another way to crop us all Our freedom to flout And although it’s just a few Most of us … Continue reading