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Their Nemesis is pairing up With Delphin and Neptune Storm clouds are now hovering And it’s going to happen soon The banging boats The pithing rods Are instruments of death Medieval torture tools For relieving us of breath That Japan … Continue reading

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A special dedication to Jo Phillips from the Taiji victims

Taiji creates it’s martyr’s It’s victims and it’s tears The roughness and the harshness Where the bitterness appears The adversity, the suffering, the cruelty The sighs The unpleasantness the offensive As each one of us, yes! dies Taiji creates the … Continue reading

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Degeneration of a nation Clearly comes to mind They built the pyramids of Giza Their panoramic find Geometric wizardry Alignment with the moon A feat of engineering Clearly so in tune With everything spectacular Menkaure a wondrous sight A vast … Continue reading

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Circus India a minute via Peta

Be ashamed India Circus supposedly Brings joy to your children Someone once said But not by creating a show Born from torture Incredible cruelty Don’t get in bed With any of these so called Vile entertainers Dire perpetrators Who care … Continue reading

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To swim or not to swim that is the question

A place where selfish ignorant people Swim with captured Dolphins who Were taken from their family pod out there In the blue Stolen from their natural haunt Beside their mothers where they face A putrid pool and beings who Are … Continue reading

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A caring sub contractor is made to be otherwise

Every 30,000 chickens that’s 30,000 souls 60,000 little legs Creation found them roles 37 days later thanks To man unkind And science and the chemists What in fact we find Is the factory farming producer Orchestrates true life But it … Continue reading

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Greyhounds and their murky life due to some

They are gentle and lively Passionate souls Aerodynamic With all the controls Athletic and handsome Intelligent too Enslaved to regression Thats what humans do Money and profit It’s a lucrative trade Racing these great souls On our shoulders laid Archaic … Continue reading

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Your mother was never a cow

Why don’t you feel guilty? Why now don’t you care I was born just yesterday Aren’t you lot aware Because you want my milk I was taken away My mother is crying her heart out today She carried me for … Continue reading

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Another Peter Baldwin classic

Another Peter Baldwin Classic Digitally displayed In London’s Piccadilly We had come to their aid From noon till six we braved the Winter Cold and stood our ground “Shame shame shame on Japan” Behold that tumultuous sound We were up … Continue reading

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Taiji just a small fishing village but so evil

Arched balcony windows The red sun exposed Bobbies in luminous jackets They posed A miserable countenance This time I thought Cajoled and harried us We just felt caught Up in their stress levels Constantly they Moved us all on And … Continue reading

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The Embassy of Japan

Rain was forecast And did it come Not a bit though we had some Compassion, care,and loving,we All shared the spirit avidly From noon we joined each other there Outside the embassy we did share Masses of banners Whistles and … Continue reading

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The ancient one

Arrows tipped with poison Horses, inhalation Death becomes an immediacy And after life sensation Cows and Deers and we ourselves Can ‘t realise the lure The toxic combination That will never be a cure Carpenters use wood for coffins Bark … Continue reading

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A journey

For all the pain and anguish For all the stress and strain For all the torment you went through Where arse wipes fell like rain Your love, Your care, Your sweet respect And children from your soul A loneliness, a … Continue reading

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Ancestral roots

In the kingdom of the totem Lies the river near the Gade Where the rue and comfrey flourish And a feral cat brigade Sent forth a Viking protege A Maine Coon grouping who Learned their craft In the ancient draught … Continue reading

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Storm clouds hover Over clover Wild hares run They run much faster Faster than the speed of Hounds And men’s evil brain Astounds No one The instinctive thrust Is all bound up In blood and lust

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A ball of blood

A ball of blood Extracted from the cove Thats in Taiji Hangs over the doorway In the embassy Pods of Risso Dolphins Are driven there to be Sorted out for aqua parks And for slaughter Tragically Paint was thrown on … Continue reading

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Bless you lots

You often think Of arse wipe one And all the shit This Kunt has done You took the rap These passed 12 years And have cried a bucket full Of tears Each moment,really on your own And all his shit … Continue reading

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Reptilian light forms

Illuminated snakes Are fucking everywhere at night They weave their strange Gyrations Some are red Some are white As powerful as the Day is long As silent as the Night But if they are fucking everywhere At night Where do … Continue reading

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A broad besom

The birds were on form this morning But suddenly flew away The wind dropped The songs stopped All became still Just another peaceful Sunday The greyest of skies I see through her eyes the solitary witch Holds my gaze I … Continue reading

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For you

With the foresight and transference And true consideration Absorbed and so contemplative And so much concentration A wisdom and a soundness Enlightened and discreet An oracle and mentor Rhapsodic and complete A candour and a sincerity A harmony of sorts … Continue reading

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Magnus in a Spanish circus

Magnus and his circus date A Lion from sunny Spain Fed on bread and yoghurt Just what was there to gain A carnivore what did they expect For his dietary need A feline with strong canine teeth A crap diet … Continue reading

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The Pentagram

Working with change Is how we arrange It’s what we’re about As we grow older And significantly bolder In actuality begin to doubt Everything moves at the great speed of light The need to backtrack and to be Riding a … Continue reading

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I fracking well hate this scenario

Automatic access rights That’s the Egan chant Cameron likes the idea too Frankly now we can’t Allow these parties to drill down Into the shale beneath our feet It’s a shady pastime Not something all would greet They will drill … Continue reading

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methyl mercury and the dolphins

The Taiji Fisherman are naive To imagine we don’t know The state of the Japanese Dolphin meat Now regularly on show Caesium and strontium And what they imagine now is Health providing food Is loaded with toxic chemicals Desensitised and … Continue reading

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Postman pat my lovely cat

Postman pat Was a lovely cat And a fiend walks close to me A lovely soul That someone stole His life and how could that be Such evil reigns And my spirit drains His biopsy tragically Shows pOst Man Pat … Continue reading

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Caged and left to the larcenous ones

A rusty cage And scant regard For the forest children, who On a cobbled floor an affront for sure What can we lovers do The wild ones have our constant thoughts They really should be blessed We are an outrage … Continue reading

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You trying to get under my skin?

The creator of all life Made me mate Forced me to live where it’s cold I am a wild soul That’s why I am in control But you cretins use me as bait Like you I am a child of … Continue reading

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A sticky end

Red hair A beauty spot She’s someone that I like A lot Climbs walls just like a lizard does And nobody knows more than us What’s it really like to be A women with a mystery Who was knocked about … Continue reading

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Saboteur’s v Hunters

Who gives them the right to kill Wild souls, I have to ask Blood sports are a violence That should now be brought to task It doesn’t help their case at all The so called hunting clan These sod’s who … Continue reading

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The wickedness and unrighteousness Of those scoundrels of the sea Their iniquity knows no ends Their amorality As for moral fibre Their illegality Reprobates so steeped in vice The fishermen of Taiji Corrupt and rotten to the core It’s inexcusable … Continue reading

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