Magnus in a Spanish circus

Magnus and his circus date
A Lion from sunny Spain
Fed on bread and yoghurt
Just what was there to gain

A carnivore what did they expect
For his dietary need
A feline with strong canine teeth
A crap diet would lead

Him to become so very weak
So ultra sick and sad
This circus was a wicked place
Those infidels were bad

There is no way a young carnivore
Should be fed in such a way
To be parted from its mothers milk
And be mad to pay

Circuses are beyond the pale
For entertainment leads
To terrible discomfort
And torture which just feeds

Into woe and such adversity
Into suffering and pain
There was no rhyme nor reason
And nothing he could gain

A wretched state he will undergo
Sorrow and lament
A great deal of vexation
Hours no doubt would be spent

How can these corporations
Ignorantly claim
Any sense of justifying
And not bear some

Neglecting a young infant
Perhaps and absentee
Defaulting on ones love and care
And true liability

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