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Ise foods Japan

An Olympic Certification Which I guess tells us a lot The athletes animal protein Clearly they care a lot About how good production is How Eggs are markedly Being served up via Ise At the highest degree The tragedy is … Continue reading

Happy eggs a play on words

Free ranging happy chickens Do you get it What do you see Green pastures full of naturalness Fresh air and liberty Thats what the Happy Egg folk say Chuckling birds so prime Pecking picking flourishing Happy with their time Egg … Continue reading

Yves Salomon and all the other names who march to the same music

Blatancy and shamelessness Delusional grandiosity Self important swagger A fanfaronade of publicity Searching out the innocent Godly creatures who Wear their coats to keep them warm Its exactly what they do The pageant of cruelty Innovative they say Murdering the … Continue reading


A Bull thats me Chained up I be With skin of leather Chains through my nose Sat in the straw I do suppose An exhibition Bull I be Rosettes and all that Flappery Farming cares such flattery Sweet talk lets … Continue reading

A view from the table

The polar bear Hotel In Heilongjiang it is where they Become the main attraction For visitors who stay At this hotel in Harbin Where artificial ice And pools are built Such ignorance Clearly no advice Was sought before the Unwitting … Continue reading

Costco chickens

Not what one expects from Costco Go visit one and see Huge great car parks full of cars Carts piled Voluminously And so we hear with chickens Costco’s bold ideas Is design the chicken sheds Where millions see the tears … Continue reading

Sea Spiracy

We open the great doors And let some truths out Concerning the oceans And what they are about How 80 per cent of all life Still be In the confines Of the great panoply An array of such wonder Where … Continue reading

Skyla the Orca

Father. Tilikum Mother. Kalina Born at SEA World ORlando Died at LORO PARQUE Tenerife 11/3/2021 This is a message to the great Humane World To the Sea World spectacular Where I was hurled Into an existence Into a tub Not … Continue reading


FATHER “ARCTUS” MOTHER “Mercedes” Born in Edinburgh Zoo 15/11/1991 I never knew of the icy wastes Or those amazing skies I was born in Edinburgh Zoo In a cage to my surprise Zoo’s are really prison camps Our wildness they … Continue reading

Tiger bone wine (hu gu jiu) pinyin

Vietnam the place Lam Dong And In a shop was stored A tiger in an aquarium And another in deep freeze The culprit he was Arrested and fined A lot of dong It takes 8 years To create this wine … Continue reading

“Its from a small farm so much better for me”

Just a small farm where Milton might See Paradise lost And all that in spite Of that soul who was loving Life clearly its need To escape to be off Just to try and succeed Its just a small farm … Continue reading

Kamogawa Seaworld Restaurant

Theres a sickness emanating From those visitors who feel Its just right to watch the captive Orcas and Dolphins with your meal Beluga’s sea lions all who dream Of wildness and their thing And are forced to be the entertainment … Continue reading

Sheeple people

They call the ignorant people SHeeple But what I must say Is the sheep are gentle loving godly souls Considerate they take their roles Seriously on earth they do They have admiration for folk like you They are humble in … Continue reading


Blessed or Fortunate Prosperous too His name in Persian Seemly its true A great handsome Lion The Iranian King The jungle resounds His roar it does bring Thunder bolts crashing Down from the sky That has shattered the spirits And … Continue reading

Ducks deserve better

Godly creatures So designed Webbed feet They always were aligned to water all of That we know But not the farmers Of foie gras NO Souls are kept In cages standing Hardly adept upright each day And force fed fat … Continue reading

Hard wired

Elon Musk’s Irreverence For wildness Apparently He purports To go alongside GOD To increase mentality Neglecting to appreciate The intelligence one needs Disparaging organics And seemingly succeeds In imagining that abusing A chimpanzee Conducting his digital programming In where, he … Continue reading


Fur hags Dead eyes Thats the FUR Hags Lovers so they say Ignorant opportunists Unreliably in the pay Of Trappers. Murderers Hunters Scumbags who all wait To tempt a hungry animal And kill it at a rate Of knots, The … Continue reading

Those poor Macaques

Wild Macaques right into Laboratories we hear The NIH their mind-boggling work It’s macabre abuses fear These really intelligent monkeys Know all about alarm They come in very inquisitive Soon subjected to harm. Someone called Elizabeth Murray And inquisitor of … Continue reading

A Mothers reward for Innumerable sacrifices

A cows reward for giving birth For allowing her milk to be Stolen for the humans To use it copiously She allowed her calf to be murdered Kidnapped and away NEver to be seen again She was made to pay … Continue reading

Seal lingo

I am into speaking SEAL And was perturbEd the other day When I came across my brothers And sisters and really they Were slaving in MOUNT MOSAN For some measly frozen fish Cheap labour They were employing slaves And I … Continue reading

The goat farm in Yorkshire

Thanks goodness for SURGE Who had more than an urge To check out the GOAT farm Where Huge numbers were kept By those Not so adept Giving them Big time despair Even toed ungulates Ruminants Intelligent animals they Are very … Continue reading

Sad little DUMBO

Such disrespect for DUMBO Who wasn’t dumb at all Only human beings so insensitive Could fall Under that spell of evil And call a pachyderm By such a dreadful title It’s meaning makes me squirm He always tried his honest … Continue reading

My sanity

There was a time within My living memory When I was wild and freedom Was my thing Captivity the enemy of wildness Derangement and delusions Though does bring Confusion and a mania of purpose A sort of imbecility I feel … Continue reading

The next zoonotic virus might be the last

They are everywhere So much despair Live markets victims dying Nothingness and nullify Obliteration crying Cages cages everywhere Full of dying souls Sick and injured Cancelled out Unbegotten trolls Working in these spaces In residential land In New York stench … Continue reading

A sanctuary or so they say

A sanctuary that’s actually A circus so to say Carl Busch runs the outfit It’s where cruelty Is way Over any place of vile captivity It’s where wild animals are made to be Objects of despair Wildness was their birthright … Continue reading

60 years

Such inventiveness And imagery Suspicious and resourceful The chimpanzee So complex Prophetic and far sighted They stare beyond you And those eyes are like lagoons From long ago attracting light And shade so mindful That is when you realise In … Continue reading

Some of us

A wicked respect for the largest land animals That’s what they want more than anything else Hunters are morally weak And resentful Know nothing of challenges wildness can bring Socially active familial focus They have no involvement and really nothing … Continue reading

What’s sustainable?

A conflict of opinion Exists in me today Taiyuan zoo in China Is living with decay Concrete walls just cells infact It’s conditions dire They have loads of money But no spiritual fire Importing little elephants Taken from their mama … Continue reading

Little cubs and their fate

Petting farms are the early signs Of the egotists and how They feed into canned hunting Happening sadly now Self interest And those who indulge themselves Whose interests they pursue Attracting volunteers to come And do what the ignorant do … Continue reading

A Captive Tiger

A solitary white Bengal Tiger Bored out of its mind Continues to circle every day No thanks to humankind In a zoo in Beijing Cement and bars its lot It once was wild but now of course Freedom it has … Continue reading