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Senators and congressman Across America say That anyone boycotting Israel We shall have to put away They Say that it is a federal crime Something we cannot allow Despite the settlements all about Really this is how Their disinclination to … Continue reading

One a day

Pesticide Action Network Has made it very clear Pesticides in the schoolfruit and veg scheme There is some fear The initiative may be failing In this regard maybe To give the better nutrition From those grown organically And for just … Continue reading

Badgers are not as bad as they are made out to be

Science and the public Know a thing or two Farmers on the other hand Are not altogether true 15,000 badgers have been Murdered in the field And this year the figures are growing So on more lies they now build … Continue reading

The pollutive firework phenomena

Tradition and Culture Are words that are used These days unfortunately They are abused Animals slaughtered in rings In Spain and elsewhere The gushing of blood Into vile dark despair The fifth of November The gunpowder plot Guy Fawkes and … Continue reading


Full time hero Of the ocean Fundraiser for Sea Shepherd who Patrols the seas in equal number A defender good and true I loved the glimpse of Mother Nature With her seagreens cast about The tiny frog red eyed and … Continue reading

A chimpanzee has made her plea

Us chimpanzee’s Live in the trees Thats of course until You want your soft white toilet paper Or palm oil Then the thrill For all of you Sweet humans With The forest our delight But you employ the loggers And … Continue reading

The Cherry Tree a little story worth a read

Cherry how bedgraggled Leaves all crisp and dry Green and yellow That so called prune That kind of made you cry I told him to be gentle But butchers like him they Dont have many feelings Thats why you had … Continue reading


Rosemary your spears give purpose Huddled willingly With a determination Your whimsicality Seen as a necessity An essential form Compliant in so many words When the weather isnt as warm Your evergreen exuberance Exists within your soul Protection is your … Continue reading

The copper beech

There you are I have missed YOU I have Been away a while You seem so liberated Unshackled with great style Olive yet with with coppery tints bonds bursting and true There’s a pattern to your growing And its positive … Continue reading

MIYAKO (beautiful March child)

We are a social animals Friendship is our thing When i was just six months old they Thought that they would bring Me all the way from THAILAND And directly to a ZOO In japan of all places What a … Continue reading

Peter Green

Six strings thats all it took And a few fingers A wizard with a magical repose Improvisation took him to the heights Few ever reach And harmonies that very clearly pose A masterful command and a direction A tenacity of … Continue reading

The natural witch

She is the soul she is the spirit Eternity was hers to hold She plucks all my tender heartstrings On her beauty I be sold Genuine well documented To endure her is for me Life itself and breath beyond It … Continue reading

TONY 17 years at a truck stop

17 years of nausea Of loathing of a man Who put me at a truck stop All part of his sick plan That was in lousiana YES AMERICA the free Where rancour comes for nothing And contemptibility I was a … Continue reading

The National should we trust

Narrowly defeated Thats the news today Blood sports get the final laugh The fox won’t get away The haughtiness and arrogance The flagrancy abroad The toffs dress up Their schooners brim Though few can now afford The hunt, the real … Continue reading

Bovine mothers

Females to the farmer A ticket to a life Where kidnap rape and torture And several years of strife Are commonplace Are expected The cruelty of man Purposefully for profit Its all part of the plan We watch a cow … Continue reading

Its the November sickness

The November sickness Its every single year It probably starts in october And brings about such fear Its bangers and explosions And flashes in the night Each whizz and frightening siren It truthfulljy isnt right Imagine the poor old hedgehog … Continue reading

The everyday names

All the big stores carry brand names you know Who employ the technicians that torture us so We are the animals rabbits and mice Guinea pigs chickens they roll the dice We all had families we lived our life Then … Continue reading

Sea Worlds having problems

SEAWORLD’s finding it a bit too hard To smile it seems to day Hardship life’s a rollercoaster Despondency they say Is like a wave calamitous worries everywhere Staff are being cut back Its all so much despair Blackfish didnt help … Continue reading


To have appreciation For a species is to be Caring thoughtful intelligent For those now in the sea, To discriminate against them For the pleasure of some which Shows a complete lack of judgement Unmeasured And it grows How human … Continue reading

Oliver’s magical art a dream thats become a story

What you see in life Is more than there can be Oliver his trait to paint Life successfully Angles are perceptions Of the greater good Showing us things A different soul That perhaps was misunderstood What we thought we saw … Continue reading


Ratus Ratus he was brown And when he left old London Town Twas out in the sticks he made his way To where forests danced And where foxes play Among the haystacks he would run And bathe awhile in the … Continue reading

A tin of beans

A tin of beans for breakfast In the safety of my car Under a tumultuous dawn Where you wonder Who you are A fine blue sky apparent And a sheath of gold and cream Where two hungry Kites are circling … Continue reading

Are the aliens almost here?

Each of us is somewhere Our presence is our worth We permeate and thus pervade This ball known as the Earth We saturate environments And empty spaces we Fill up with corporations And declare our vacancy Tonight a crimson sun … Continue reading

Watching the grey skies feeling the wind

The sun is wrestling wildly With the clamour of the gray Tenacity you have to hand it To the sun today A sea of slate is lapping Struggling to be Seen in every quarter Bringing its misery She’s back that … Continue reading

The time before the storm

The sun is acting strangely Its aura seems to me To be as bright as ever And the wind is breaking free Birds seem somewhat frantic The coloration too It really feels unusual And not altogether true But its tangible … Continue reading

Alleged man eater Tiger shot

Habitat encroachment Where cattle are kept We see Wild tigers drawn Its only natural The vulnerability Obvious to many And likely What happened here Why this Bahmapuri Tigress Attacked villagers Tis clear It was put out By the authorities This … Continue reading

Atlantic Salmon and why farming them is nuts

The naivete of thinking that your knowledge Is beyond The Natural world of Gaia Establishing this bond With obsession and with tenets That you believe is true Is in essence just credulity Its what corporates do Its bewilderingly obvious How … Continue reading

A poem for Samhain

I return a lesser figure Though my heart is as before Samhain is upon us dears With darkness at its core A time to honour the ancestors And our loved ones that have passed A cross quarter day See the … Continue reading

The gates

The gates silhouetted In black seemingly Magickal look at that path Leading where? To a castle perhaps To a haunt all can share Sorcerers gather and they cast Spells you can feel the A place where the past Is brought … Continue reading

Logging and what it really means

Logging opens up space It casts our minds back where The forests rampant in its green Seemed to attack despair Every inch of every where Was created and achieved a balance and Gaia was there And I just felt relieved … Continue reading