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UK waste found in jungle

Pink waste bags Out from Milton Keynes Found in the jungle where Someone clearly dumped them Someone unaware All the supermarkets Were represented too All this one use plastic This is what we do Recycle it so diligently Expecting it … Continue reading

Dumping waste on others

MAlaysia has every right To tell the British Isles To realise the rubbish That they sent there All those miles In such huge containers Is coming back and they Feeling high and mighty Now will have to pay We dont … Continue reading


Production is up and growing For so many victims, we Are being turned out now every day So called humanity Upside down in trucks in hospitals We can see them lie Eyes just about open Peering to the sky Their … Continue reading

Aida and Asafa

Aida and Asafa 2 most dedicated and talented musicians working in an area distracted by a sport facility that is so testing for viewers Continue reading