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Belugas orca dolphins porpoise and all Aquaria

Any wild soul Born with freedom of heart Trapped by the frail humane Profitting fart Forcing sea angels Into dark pools For money for business For trade These sad fools Break the sweet hearts of beluga’s And whales Of Dolphins … Continue reading

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Sea horses abused for TCM

sea horses ground2powder The Chinese believe Cures Asthma &skin infections Infertility some say Baldness even Arthritis These sea dragons do hold sway Traditional Chinese Medicine Practised near &far Is seeing the end of these darling souls Who in my book … Continue reading

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Fish are murdered in great shoals every hour

Hooked gaffed netted iced Harpooned all these verbs to kill Drag fish from the icy depths Crush and scatter Cut and scale Murder at a terrific rate Cook alive an awful fate Fish feel pain their agony From river pool … Continue reading

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Such wonderment really is keenly Bestowed on the wanting For possessing eyes That will see A fish that looks like A delicate horse That breathes underwater But how can that be? A truly remarkable Beautiful being Able to mimic the … Continue reading

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