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The MET Police delve into darkness

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5g we need to maintain our forestry areas

A beautiful conical tree of perfection In parklands in our countryside a selection We need more trees more cover and we Would appreciate more of the wild company Too many councils are trashing our forests We need to preserve it’s … Continue reading

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The swirling mists ofvEMF coupled with 5g

All those whopping great towers On each corner They sprang up invisibly, they Are something to do with 5 G I expect Wearing our spirit away Sleep is a thing from our parents Now we have gadgets to keep Logged … Continue reading

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FIve G and beyond

Joe Imbriano the Fullerton Informer He tells us as it is and what to do Living with this weapons grade technology 5th generation wireless which is true Its at radar range and an ever increasing roll out The electro magnetic … Continue reading

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