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Indonesia at The Hague Tells us how it feels Israel’s occupation And injustice It reveals A squalid ugly demonstration With evil at its core Genocide and murder and A terrifying war Settlers invading Palestinian land turfing residents from their homes … Continue reading

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George Galloway in Rochdale

Rochdale to the people Under a cold sky George is out there speaking Sincerely does apply His sincerity of purpose He gets to the crowd Suggesting they can lend him Their vote his words are loud The purpose is the … Continue reading

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Try to imagine Your mother One moment You can see her smile The next just an awful explosion The house You can now taste the bile You are bleeding From every orifice Your mother is no where around Just the … Continue reading

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South Africa Stands up and shouts Genocide Without doubts Having suffered herself before Apartheid and true pain so raw Palestine, Gaza and more What we all see a vile war Murder carried out so madly Organised so very badly Women … Continue reading

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The turkey’s Lament

Huddled together Feeling the Season Frosty and damp Suffering cramp Feathers soaked badly Life truly sadly Smelling like a shit storm Suffering so Soon will be murdered Not allowed to grow On passed the 25th That’s when you lot Hang … Continue reading

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Six thousand children Murdered oh dear Israel the odious Spreader of fear Haggard and forbidding Loathsome to me Their target was hamas But seemingly They are killing the kids Shooting them dead Bombing the life out of children In stead … Continue reading

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