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Unbelievable frustration

The small boats A crescendo Papers thrown away Choppy seas The channel They are coming everyday Hordes it’s like an invasion The Home Office appears Not really up to scratch with them And thus ongoing fears Are raised really all … Continue reading

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Dairy cruelty on a vile scale

Crippled by the negative thoughtless brigade The Dairy it’s scary all goodness doth fade Beautiful bovines suffer violence each day A Maliciously cruel egregious display Milk and dairy cost millions of beautiful lives 🐃🐂🐄🐏🐑🐐🦌

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Mahouts conceit

How they think just imagine great brains that be Huge weighty bodies and pure liberty They absorb the bull hooks they feel so much pain Yet humans imagine it’s them that now gain The upper hand the elephants mind is … Continue reading

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The Cochin

The Cochin There’s love there You can feel it deep down The service, the cuisine The best place in Town In any town actually It’s intimacy Jason and the staff All harmoniously Observe celebration A fanfare of fun Red-carpet treatment … Continue reading

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Tiger by Catherine

A miracle painting An artist of note What she sees with her eyes It’s as if she just wrote In her genius way Captured a tiger and we See it come to life Unbelievably

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Catherine’s Tiger

Tiger tiger loner you 8 or 9 years life it’s true Independent solitary Full of courage Marvellously full of valour and audacity And William Blake knew much of thee

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Dream Weaver

Damask delightful Myriad blues Magical memories Wonderful hue’s Soft to emotions Wild and a fire To the soul To resolve Like an impressionable Lyre Bird of the forest It’s feathers in awe Ringing true every glimpse Every sound wanting more … Continue reading

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Prodigious and outstanding wide-ranging and far flung Breathtaking and overwhelming just wandering among the mountain paths Exceptionally, beautiful out here panoramic skies of blue unrestricted and so clear   Zanskar Kaargill District Ladakh in India where There are  isolated  villages … Continue reading

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The Ganges

The Ganges we’ve all seen it a river some abuse to pray upon till life has gone we have all got lots to lose the sitar in our minds eye Purifies the soul death is soaking in its waters the populations … Continue reading

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Bollywood and the falsity Of skin and tone banality Colonial time saw fairer skin And that is where it did begin Now Indian girls want to look fair Its seen as lovely Because its rare The eye of the beholder … Continue reading

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BOBBY Vallabhchandra

To possess that wild Inventiveness That creativity To put his money where His heart is For there it needs to be The empathy of knowing That where we live is where Nature has a history And that progress Wants to … Continue reading

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