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A phenomenon A circumstance Behold a forest scene In the Backwoods A setting Beautiful and green An old house Far from anywhere Miss Kelty And her daughters Peace and quiet And tranquillity The stepping stones To far away In visions … Continue reading

Why does the mantis choose to pray

There is spirit And there is courage How edifying they Are five eyes Imagine that The depth is in the way The two big eyes are centred Loving and seeing light Confounded by the spectrum Excited at the sight The … Continue reading

Suddenly I remembered

The Anderson shelter It was very dark I remember At the bottom of the garden A mark and an arrow She puffed She was puffing When she opened the gate Where It dragged horribly Thats when she stepped slowly Down … Continue reading

Eleanor of Aquitaine

Imagine having this fine women In your family tree One such lass that I know well Has this recognizee A blackwater tiger A women so revered Who provided some ten children And her intelligence appeared Priceless in her regent roles … Continue reading

Saturn’s seed

Suddenly it happened On the window pane A mirror image Of such art I know it sounds insane The morning sun Precipitation Diamonds and azure drops Sapphires turquoise delectable gems The power of light It never stops Far away The … Continue reading

Inanimate objects

Lyall Watson’s Inanimate objects For me they hold memories, they Remind me of why they were given And why I won’t give them away

A tiny posy for you

Pluck wild thyme And place it gently On closed eyelids And for sure On faerie hill You will slumber And see Both little jack And jill Carry an acorn On your person In your posy Every day And only Good … Continue reading

My whole world,shook

your Poet friend Is deadly still His blood is everywhere Wiping my hand prints off the globe I didnt even care To see his handsome countenance hus youthful brazen look He died looking directly At me When my whole world … Continue reading

Stacks of books

Everywhere were stacks of books And vodka seved with ice Poetry is everything it helps one to entice The best out of each other Its Russian and its straight On the rocks Can you see flocks Of the corvidae Enclircling … Continue reading


She blushes And her rushes Of blood His books his arse Unbuttoning her lacy bra She really feels first class A love that Once she cherished Now belongs to who The Poet with his books of verse Or her husband … Continue reading

In the cafe

In the cafe Coffee At home Bath water hot She felt his fiery character She just loved him a lot A glass of italian bubbly Icd cold felt it reach Chilled, her lips Enjoyed the sips Days out on the … Continue reading

The poet

The poet Don’t you know it So many books to read But I Don’t read books bUt he does And wheres that going to lead I’m old she’s a lot younger But who cares she is sweet She doesnt read … Continue reading

Abnormality in the nick of time

Thinking back on him Some of his traits Frightened me He didn’t conform His abnormality A nomad of sorts A mutant as well Defiant and solitary In his own hell I never felt comfortable With him around He was prone … Continue reading

A knock on the door

It was late it was dark A matter of fact I opened the door It was hard to react To the sight there Before me So tall It was cold And Reality rolled Before me No eyes just black holes … Continue reading

A glance into Paradise

The bent wood faeries Dance and sing And you my dear That day did bring An impish charm A light beyond The isle of Avalon Your wand Brought sanctity You were in fact Sublimity How I react I was there … Continue reading

The old bed

The old mattress and bed Has seen better days It’s history cracks me up In so many ways To just see it going On the big yellow truck Will be a god send I will know that my luck Is … Continue reading

My dear friend Alan

You were alone When it happened Resolute, dreaming perhaps A lapse to the norm Just feeling warm A solution the kind that just wraps Itself in a limbo of being Oblivious almost of things Abstracted and taken Away in that … Continue reading


Stealthily she walked towards me 8 legs 2 blue eyes Not a sound Covered the ground So wonderfully wise I looked and blew And where was she I called And where was she On the floor Amongst the books Claire … Continue reading

Such a beautiful soul

The moth And the light She comes every night Fluttering muttering stuttering Then goes away As her eyes and mine meet The moth dressed in white Who would ever smite Such a beautiful soul

A blue dress day introduction

A blue dress day is coming And perceptibility Increases with great prominence For its where I want to be Walking quietly in the woods My field of vision clear Unmistakable sights to see An not an ounce of fear Tangible … Continue reading


In pursuit of sanity Abandoning the need To ever feel let down or sad For though my heart does bleed My soul mate she is with me Although she chose to go She is with me every moment that I … Continue reading

Yule message to my Doctor

I have felt so I uncared for A life sentence really Of misunderstandings Out in the cold Left alone and unheeded And I haven’t succeeded In putting my point across My life was on hold My pain has been massive … Continue reading


Out of the ocean Comes a light A voluptuous sight For the eyes of the world To be moved at A single minded solution A ceaseless unflagging phenomena Pulls down from the sky Soul driven The face is yours Embedded … Continue reading

Damsel fly

The Spring watch fly Seen by an eye The epitome of gentleness Delicate it influences Being there I must confess A blissful blush of blameless softness A nymph of high regard With such charisma and such charm Its wonder wasnt … Continue reading

Gerardo Tkachenko-Papizh

A unique sound of naturalness Songbirds insects we Listen to the utterances And muffled shrieks that be Exclaiming a perfection Humming warbling cooing Madrigals of harmony Lingering and viewing Hearkening a labyrinth Ethereal it be Breath beyond sensation Thinking out … Continue reading

April jasmine an opera played out in silence

Jasmine green A ballerina Emerging from the stem Pirouette’s whose golden fingers Hold a future gem A starlit curl of blossom A scent to captivate Wind and rain and gentleness Resulting from the wait The honest truth abundantly As myriad … Continue reading

No greater love story

Betulaceau a family tree A lover for life Extraordinary Admiration for one so bold A prodigy on it I am sold Enigmatic a surprising tree Who loves the fen lands And there they be Feet in the water Peat saturated … Continue reading

The wayward donkey

Realness actuality A perpetual indestructable Road to nowhere Hard underfoot Where flesh and blood Is often put Endurance in the light of day Emotionally where ere I stray A fictitious land of destiny Where together we can never be instead … Continue reading

Wild Roses

The delicate pink hues That clamber skywards Over thorny stems Fragrant are their blossoms An adornement to the Autumn gems That throw their colour And aromatic scent into the Warming air The sweet briar loves heart fire Eglantine be mine … Continue reading

A faerie story

FRom 1650 to 1850 The White Hart coaching Inn Serviced the routes from Bath and Bridgewater Creating quite a din The stables at the rear Where the horses took their rest When all of that was torn down And the … Continue reading