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Exotic leather

The fancy shops Appealing to the snobs of Regents street Knightsbridge and the arses That just don’t feel complete Without some exotic handbag From Hermes let us say Made of ostrich Made of lizard Crocodile They pay So much for … Continue reading

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Frog in the membrane

It happened whilst weeding The garden tonight A frog in the membrane Came into sight Tiny one of its legs wounded it seems From a hole in the cellar Where some leave their dreams Undiscovered holed up From the living … Continue reading

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Hedgehogs wee souls in my garden Hiding under piles of leaves Clearly it is warmer there His spiny coat and will achieves Much in life consuming critters who may pass In our world where they are hurled Humanity is vast … Continue reading

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Anatolian Water Frogs

Anatolian Water Frogs Apparently apart From living in the brackish ponds Millions without heart Are hunted down at night And shipped over land to where People love to eat them Completely unaware Millions of the caught at night From Turkey … Continue reading

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Doncaster reptile Expo

Four times a year I understand An exhibition held At the DONCASTER Racecourse For me unparalleled And international collection Amphibians and Reptiles Stolen from the wild And subject to denials Stored in plastic boxes Freedom to the wall Light and … Continue reading

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Non invasive species on the menu

Consumption of wild animals Does appear to be The order of the day In Certain quarters Where we see High powered very important people Fronting corporations At annual dinners Being served In what’s called celebrations Of taking the pressure off … Continue reading

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Porcupine quill

A call made to our helpline Brought a response urgently A fawn dog clearly suffering With a quill shot painfully By a wild porcupine Into it’s right eye Very deep and bloody Enough to make you cry Just watching that … Continue reading

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CAPTIVITY for cetaceans

Sea World would have us believe That cetaceans held captive by them Get the best Love and attention they dont have to hunt Nothing adverse there to test Dolphins and Orca’s swim 100 miles A day Their inquisitive minds Constantly … Continue reading

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The road

I am not anyone’s Boss DOn’t toss That word at me I am a victim Like you are The key To survival is being The one who evolves The one who appreciates The one who solves So many problems Such … Continue reading

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Flagrancy a close call

IN Louis Vuitton’s own words “Rare and precious crocodile skin” Is what they make some of their bags from But for me its been wearing thin Its shaming to create a fashion In such a violent way Out of sight … Continue reading

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Telmatoblus Culeus. A rarity

Aquatic and endangered A rather lonely soul Who lives in Titicaca Lake And apparently it’s role Is to live and be a Peruvian THough it’s pressure every hour Everybody is after them And the reason now Is down to human … Continue reading

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Being tiny in China means you may be up against it

Tiny turtles face a sharp unthankfulness without reprieve they face their death as they are taken from the waters and deposited in a plastic necklace for to pay   for being tiny its a living necklace thats until the air … Continue reading

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Walmart selling live fish

A number of complaints seem to be surfacing live fish seem the order of the day and the training of your staff appears not good enough big fish in dirty water bowls the way to do things as a sentient … Continue reading

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Snake Bait

It happened in the Cameroons and played out down a hole one man wraps his leg up in some bandages his role is bait for down that watery place there just could be a snake a wondrous anaconda who might … Continue reading

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Nature really does know best ” Crown of Thorns Starfish”

Artificial fertilisers imbalance the soil and run off which gets to the sea which then gets to the reefs and to the sea life and creates but tragically that should never be NPK was never really only what the plants … Continue reading

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Nature always knows best Cane Toads and Beetles

Australia had a problem with beetles years ago importing Cane Toads from the USA the idea was that they would gobble up the beetles but arrogance a forethought and reality showed up and now they pay big time as the … Continue reading

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Frogs are under considerable pressure from chemicals

Frogs are getting clobbered by the chemicals, we make Atrazine is one such curse and it seems to take out so many species and its now found everywhere and, frogs do eat mosquito’s so we have to be aware that … Continue reading

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