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Taiji killers

So much violence From the Japanese Throwbacks from the war Hard hearted pitiless morons Hellhounds from before Out there in the ocean Vandals of the sea Excessively tyrannical And misanthropy Like yunei so bloodthirsty Spiteful bitterness Child abuse they are … Continue reading

Taiji Fishermen

Dolphins have a brain Much bigger than the Taiji Blokes Whose nasty pranks With pipes and noise Seriously invokes A fear A culpability A wrongfulness A vile Miasma A kind of shrilling buzz That threatens pods and families Illicit and … Continue reading

Sea Spiracy believe every word it portrays

Sea Spiracy a film That takes us to another realm Transports us through reality And, does overwhelm The liars and the criminals That undoubtedly abound Long lines, trawlers, dredgers Who tragically are found Working under night skies Thieving as they … Continue reading

TAIJI and elsewhere in JAPAN

For years we have been fighting Always and even till today Dolphins are being massacred In every awful way Taiji is synonymous With dolphin drives and pain With pithing and with torture And how protest is in vain How many … Continue reading


Boring degenerates Such incoherence To truth and humanity Doubletalk they With their weasely words And their cruel expectations Their banging boats Leave Taiji everyday Concealed in their soul urge Untruths and deception Underhand dealings And furtive desire To trap pods … Continue reading

A dolphin meditates out of TAIJI

A bright blue sky A healthy day Exhilaration On the way A calmer sea There cannot be A way to bring And help me fling My body into leaps and bounds Breaking the surface Feeling the downs Fanciful my wishes … Continue reading

Another dead dolphin

Try to imagine the spirit The life’s blood Enduring and breathing Essentially so In the blue salty ocean So much devotion Noose sandy beach Facing North as we know All that blueness A gentleness soft salty spray A gentle persuasion … Continue reading

Poaching on the high seas

We all live on this amazing planet With oceans that present Seventy one per cent of what we have here And we have spent A lot of man years ruining The land mass and the sky And ruining the oceans … Continue reading

Taiji and its continual abhorrent drives

Hour after hour Day after day Month after month The same selfish way Year after year Pod after pod Complete family trees Who swim with their god Those who watch captures Recording the sight Of capture selection And killing Whats … Continue reading

“Garu” imprisoned for life

When a man kills another His sentence might be 15 long years in a penitentiary When a dolphin is captured In a port In Japan They are either killed outright Where Hell knows no fan Lets take DOLPHIN “GARU” Too … Continue reading

Luther and Buck

He did not care a fcuk About Luther and Buck Two captive dolphins Poor Sods Captivity Left them As nervous as Hell Wanting to be near Their gods That complete realisation That wildness was once more To be The possible … Continue reading

Paradise lost

It’s hard to get ones head around The evil Paradise a pristine coral reef With such a fine abundance Of sea life everywhere And a long comes a great bulk carrier Spewing out despair dolphins die all suffocated Angel fish … Continue reading


TAIJI is after dolphins They have started up today The first day of the season The hunting boats away The spitefulness And malice Has been building in their souls And today the poor old dolphins Will be hunted by the … Continue reading

The Japanese and the sea

Whales and dolphins Get a poor show from The Japanese If it’s not harpooning near TAIJI Drive fishing as they squeeze The life out for so many killers all the time And now a ship it runs aground And the … Continue reading


It’s carnage pure and simple So evil through and through The GRINDADRAP they call it And this is what they do Loyalty and courage The bond these whales all feel As for the rotten islanders All they do reveal Is … Continue reading

Dolphins the most intelligent

The dolphins have intelligence More so than the Japanese Who abuse them In huge numbers The target figures squeeze Banging boats and a driven pods Hand harpooning too The porpoise and the bottle nose Suffer yes they do The Japanese … Continue reading

Dolphinarium and SEAWORLD

An Orca’s need is space the sea the oceans A living world Captivity in a concrete pool Really to be hurled In this artificial Nightmare No depth no mileage There A filthy vile intensity And a growing despair The so … Continue reading


For me sadly captivity Is a factor here But doesn’t lead to a love affair That for me is clear Kindness and a wish to offer freedom From a cage Is purposeful and seemly And worthy of a sage But … Continue reading


Contempt for one another In the way we run our lives What we eat and what’s out there And really who survives Industrialisation Coal fired electrity Smelting incineration of waste The pollution industry The oceans are awash with filth The … Continue reading

Taiji 24/9 Risso’s

The banging boats they just came in Clearly some had heard the din They succumbed and all were there Unlike the heathens unaware The japanese speak up on zen In every million perhaps ten The rest are demons in disguise … Continue reading


JApan TV Thinks its real good to see Dolphin consumers around In the Faroes thats not far from england Where one of their reporters was found Getting to grips with the culture Traditional dancing at night Talking up grinds and … Continue reading

Taiji 1

It took seventeen days For the japanese who Were going out driving their banging boats Too Seventeen days With nothing to show Then today a small pod Of the smaller risso For 3 hours they tortured them Chased them around … Continue reading