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The secret Gardens of Flaunden

Flaunden Lane near Bovingdon A concept to regard A Mediterranean Nursery Easy for the bard To soak up all its floral gifts The complementary Interacting many coloured Pattened woven spree A place of peace and harmony An idyll in a … Continue reading

2nd April Berkhamsted Town

6’37 so much light Woad and cobalt Just feels right Burnished pewter Cherry tree Last years leaves Could not fly free Tousled brown Hung wintry bite The copper Beech A bounteous sight Latticed branches Completely still Not a hint of … Continue reading

Leslie Hore-Belisha

In 1934 on certain crossings On the road Amber coloured globe lights Atop a black and white pole The road surface was studded And later painted black and white And so the Zebra crossing it was of born And Took … Continue reading

Red sand forts

They stand out in the estuary In about one hundred feet Of sea water these massive forts The Maunsell gun towers meet All of the objectives When built in 43 To shoot down Nazi aircraft And the doodlebugs That be … Continue reading

The trolley man at Sainsburys Apsley

For no apparent reason A smile is all you see He is not an entrepreneur But a trolley man he be Working out of Sainsbury’s Hunting for them, he Knows all the hiding places And just where they can be … Continue reading


A Japanese man was arrested Because he chose to flush His wife’s cremated ashes Down a toilet in a rush He had had an unhappy marriage And out of disrespect Went to the supermarket And decided to elect The toilet … Continue reading

More on the election

Scissor hands Cameron Didn’t have to leave Still in Number ten So he did achieve The ultimate prize Stayed Millibands hand And Clegg and Farage And where did they land? Out in the cold Was it a shock Fracking is … Continue reading

The Yazidi

the Yazidi face such persecution From the ISIL mob They are being abducted And killed And more left to sob 50,000refugees The killing of a few How you keep ahead of them Who knows what to do Melek Taus their … Continue reading

His story could turn out to be her story too

A gun that is a weapon With a fire power that can kill Anyone it’s pointed at It’s lead it’s going to spill Into someone’s body An explosion a success A wretchedness such misery A scourge of ruinous stress A … Continue reading

Unit 731

It’s hard to come to terms with those Who experiment on human kind Hatred and pure wickedness The iniquity of the sinful mind Degeneration depravity Flagitiousness and villainy Malevolent outrageous perverted Vilest infamy In war time people sink into An … Continue reading

Anyone for curry

It’s come to light that in Pakistan 2 brothers have been found Who liked the taste of human flesh Dug out of the ground It seems they went to graveyards And found their booty there And took it home and … Continue reading

Digital Revolution

The Barbican played host to creativity a world of CGI, games and beyond vast digital wonderment conceptual art forms testament to computational planning probably now spanning a quarter of a century of discovery and more inventions on a unique theme … Continue reading

waiting in St Albans

Outside the Veraleum an artists easel stands she wears a big straw boater and holds a big brush in her hands clothed in Autumn colours great trees now dappled brown the cathedral standing peacefully in  St Albans Town a raggle … Continue reading

Pricing structures are really becoming strictures

So much of what is available is really down to price to the structure and the margins which, have to suffice to sort of  create a reason for one to buy and sell and accomplish costs and overheads and, profit … Continue reading

Esso Valdez 25 years on

its 25 years since that disaster tore a forceful hole in that environment alas almost every soul who lived and loved around that place was broken oiled and lost it was a terrible disaster and my goddess has it cost … Continue reading

Tree Cathedral Whipsnade

Seclusion is where this collection of evergreen shrubs and  trees nestle on a hilltop to dance there in the breeze fashioned like a cathedral a form designed to ply owls acorns and birds of prey protect those who come by … Continue reading

Moon landing and all that

Stanley Kubrick’s widow tells all or so it seems how her husband directed the hoax I heard the screams we never had the where for all to send them to the Moon it clearly was a bloody lie to make … Continue reading


Apparently Norfolk has spawned an alarming spate of clown effigies along the street it seems in Northampton others were sighted chasing and following people they meet anyone can dress up how they want to its just clowns do tend to … Continue reading


A bit of an alien in the plant world its up in the sky where somebody hurled really slow growing a plant having choice into the cambium it clears its voice a pair of leaves per stem every year a … Continue reading

The old tin roof

The old tin roof my word I sit under it all alone Nature’s unbelievable for her its a xylophone the energy appeals to me for I love each sweet crescendo that comes down from the sky some people they love … Continue reading

Blast that sand got into my daughters lungs

Sandblasting denims causes Chinese women silicosis fashion conscious buyers are far from conscious it appears distressed denims causing true distress and many tears Maybe at a hidden cost to levi’s H& M and Gap but its the workers with little … Continue reading

Ethics and morals do we or don’t we run our lives by them ?

Can we can’t we should we must we may be tomorrow Continue reading

Iran’s banking scandal and the outcome

harsh maybe but a way to bring power grabbing pimps to justice longterm Continue reading

War’s sad face

War Why? Continue reading

The Shard at London Bridge

A wonderful tower close to London bridge offering vistas of enormity Continue reading


valentines can change the face of the world overnight Continue reading

GB now

Everywhere you go these days there’s camera’s Warning signs its fear impressed and, we are much more fearful than we really ever were and unhappy too, as most would now agree Everything is digital, it really is couples are engaged … Continue reading


Clowns make us laugh or do they? Continue reading


In the dark of the forest the birch stand forlorn skin of pure silver since they were born baked by the sun soaked by the rain thrown by the wind in the vilest refrain solitary sentinels worthy of much witnessing … Continue reading


Change the old guard Continue reading