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Green Bay

The Naturalness the verdancy green leafed grass lime and moss a Green Bay not so far away where the Sage and Willow cross where animals and fishes. and birds sleep peacefully And enjoy not being eaten where Olivine grow free … Continue reading

Meat = dead flesh and profits not prophets

Factory farms have spread across This country pretty fast Huge scale indoor facilities That state of affairs is cast Far and wide with hundreds Of animals inside Really a robotic rise Which farmers have denied Cows in fields munching on … Continue reading

The new age VEGAN

Many vegans wear the Yin and yang badge But do they Understand the implications Many not right away It’s apparently hip to wear it But food wise some don’t know That yin and yang is everywhere In every thing we … Continue reading

Bloody pages

History shows so many pages Written with the blood of those Slaughterhouses everywhere Where everything now goes CAFO’s increase margins Its all based sadly on Cruelty and profit Its really a big con A madness known as god force GM … Continue reading

“A radical moment” a song of our times

When not to eat animals is seen as too radical That just proves one thing We must have arrived Where the tallest of steeple And the hymns of the people Researching their diets See we have survived On our tofu … Continue reading

Stigma of artificiality a poem inspired by Duncan Burn

Waste at home is one thing But waste on the farm amounts To a massive loss of profit Which honestly now counts It has completely changed the market place All over the world And its down to “outgrades” Where the … Continue reading

The problem with our planet is there are far too many carnivores and not enough vegans

The early nineties showed the world what happens when greed and arrogance just go hand in hand Atlantic Cod were decimated, torn apart the unintended by catch, understand the fishermen are into catching fish and selling fish eco systems are … Continue reading