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Can you hear them roaring.?

London’s roaring Freedoms Freedom All these awful Lockdowns Are Bone and muscel Such a tussle Everyone a star Rings of cops Sirens blazing This is London Its a war This is for real For those who feel The anguish pain … Continue reading

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Gilet jaunes

Twenty third week of the gilet jaunes Fires lit everywhere Smoke bombs The gendamerie So much smoke filled air The traffic lights forgotten Crowds just everywhere Macron is a monster Who from the start was not aware Protestors being manhandled … Continue reading

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Stephen Hawking

We all have imperfections It was something that he felt But it fuelled his determination Which obviously spelt The need to be deliberative And speculatively cerebrate the scope of time And by association see An Independent quotient A physicist he … Continue reading

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The masked ones

This is what we are up against The low life scare tactics Putting the fear of god up people With their sicko tricks And, this isn’t funny Its terrorising and they Were masked and very forceful Before they drove aWay … Continue reading

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Eric Garner

A choke hold that’s illegal you must not control anyone with this hold so this poor soul one Eric Garner was taken down by one Daniel Pantaleo and sadly did die   11 times he spoke “I cannot breathe I” … Continue reading

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The little fawn

There was no reason no reason at all the assassin with a gun who killed this little fawn can call whoever to defend him can cite whatever rule What Samantha did we all would do how could this policeman fall … Continue reading

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