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To all you rotten sods who wear fur or skins

Wearing the skin Of another being What does that make me Am I all seeing Am I a monster Seemingly so Why do you do this When clearly you know A rabbit or a bunny A fox and or a … Continue reading

WILD CAMELS they used to be shot and left to rot in the desert

Camels the ships of the desert Hardy and powerful and strong Remote Aboriginal Communities The Ngaanya yarra Lands What could go wrong Previously shot them And left them to rot But apparently developed some plans For sending them off to … Continue reading

Wickedness above all else

Wickedness above all else Dishonesty and heinousness The uncorrupted undefiled Misunderstood just meek and mild Their guiltlessness captivity Our moral weakness and flagrancy It’s all sharp practice all the time Elevated by the climb Force majeure and immunity We exempt … Continue reading


At the heat of the day Is when some Camels pay Foaming their mouth Bloodied by The anger the ire The torment the fire For here in the desert Some die Tormented with sticks The poor camels they Are bashed … Continue reading

Camel rides in Egypt

Tourism seems to bring out The worst in many a soul In Egypt what the handlers do Prove they have lost control Their unruliness is awful Their savage brutal ways Extra heavy handed Imagining it pays Camels those great desert … Continue reading

Who will be the survivors in the long run.?

North of the Niger River An ancient city stands The capital of Mali Timbuktu whose lands Are on the Sahara fringes Where barren wilderness The land of the Tuoreg Where the heat can stress A land ofcourse where camels ply … Continue reading

Murdering camels just like that

There are packs of wild camels Roaming around Sustaining themselves So many have found Creation for them Is something indeed They appear indestructible Which is indeed Why hunters Will shoot at the lead camel who May run around in circles … Continue reading

Garden Bros Circus

You are one hundred years too late my friends Wild animals is where it ends Bullhooks such a cowardly tool A weapon that breaks every rule You create captivity Your Asian elephants how can they be Subjected to such enormous … Continue reading


Utter contempt For a beautiful soul Whose historicity Was in control A true inner being Enduring was she The desert the sands Well grounded she be Essentially spirited In point of fact Carrying travelling She could react Working with vigour … Continue reading

IT happened in July 2015

In the stormiest weather A thirty year old Boat plyed its way And deep in its hold Were animals bound for The UAE From Puntland Somalia Into the sea As the old ship went down 300o or so camels and … Continue reading

Safety when sleeping

Its very clear that the baboons know The importance of sleep and how they show Their courage and expertise getting to where Safety is evident which all can share They climb not up trees but rocks that are sheer The … Continue reading

Torture out in the street

Its hard to get ones head around this spitefulness Its a vicious streak that stems from the heart of man A plug ugly desperado a worker of iniquity Torturing a camel all part of a plan To dupe the passers … Continue reading

Begging in China

A man resorts to begging His judgement shot away He has a faithful slave with him Shackled so to say Tortured made to sacrifice Himself to help the cause Force fed plastic bottles And not allowed to pause To think … Continue reading

A product of unsound minds

A street packed full of people Are they like you and I ? Two legs two eyes presumably So watching,we must ask why Are they completely bonkers Is insanity the cause There we see a camel We see it and … Continue reading

Low life

Is there anything more despicable Than torturing and maiming An innocent wild camel And tragically then blaming A train for running over The camel somewhere and Cutting off its precious feet I mean to understand That principle of doing this … Continue reading

Camels and their plight in India

In India they get around certain Laws that’s what we’ve found transportation interstate and religious sacrifice of late   the transportation through out its duration can be torturous and bad cruel and  foreboding when they are loading the rest of … Continue reading


Small knife big animals no heart big man blue sky feel the sorrow Halal’s simple plan in the UK slaughterhouses its all Halal the slaughter they bleed the animals no more stunning abject pain and everyday eating meat from this … Continue reading