Man unkind works in arrogant ways
And Wild life suffers so
But man unkind will suffer
Its just most do not know
Their selfishness and sinfulness
And insincerity
At allowing ranches and cattle
Space where the wild ones used to be

Cattle are killed by man
The same unkind men so we see
Hunting trapping poaching
And extermination, we
Destroy the varied environments
Purposefully for the wild souls
Do you see
Work as natural architects and designers
Who godly

Create and balance Nature
Predator and prey
Grasses trees and water courses
Are altered by the day
Wolf packs are essential
Cattle really should
Not be given leverage over wild wolves
Of the wood

Killing fields for hunters and
For trappers is a sin
It proves a degree of unconsciousness
Their excuses wearing thin
The environment is shared
Wildness a quality
That must always be respected
We need that constancy

Man unkind shows no remorse
For Killing is his thing
He decides, and he over rides
The natural balance which does bring
His aiding and abetting
His criminality
Into a vicious circle
Of true improbity

Life, wild life is simple
ITs out of the hands of man
All he ever fucking does is destroy
That is his plan
Take away their habitat
Replace it with his farm
Animals to be raised and killed
again its about harm

And profit selfishness rules
The roost
The wild souls have their place
But we trap and hunt and exterminate
Man unkind does grace
The wildness and the wilderness
With his ignorance on display
And bis arrogance and his hatefulness
That just spoils every day.

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