Universities make me sick

John Hopkins University
And so many more besides
Are inappropriate and wilful
Behind closed doors oft hides
Disrespect and mismanagement
Irreverence there too
Paltriness and meanness
Doing what they do

Owls these wise wild nocturnal souls
Captured and portrayed
As victims requiring surgery
Their skulls opened and their laid
Out with several electrodes
Experimental stuff
I detest this so called medicine
What I see its really rough

Unfair and quite disdainful
Shamefulness for me
Torturing these beautiful birds
Its just not right to see
Too many of these so called
Clever people seemingly
Think they have the right
To practice what appears to be

Ungodliness and wickedness
It is painful to see
Beautiful unentitled birds of prey
Just taken out unlawfully
Wearing their white uniforms
Their arrogance on show
Who the hell do they think they are
Who supports this work to throw

A healthy soul onto a slab
And torture it at will
And think that you are clever
I mean these birds they kill
Attention deficit disorder
Thats what its about
Some boffin thinks its worth a shot
AndcPulls the birds brain out

God never ever created
Like this to be
Messed about by the arrogant
White coats or not and we
Must stand up for the wild souls
And not let this contempt
Happen behind closed doors
Look how they attempt

To torture these wild innocent
What did they do wrong
Why cripple them forever
This shit does not belong
Sensibly in laboratories
Funded by god knows who
Its crippling its criminal
What these boffins do
Too many Dr frankensteins
Littering the place
Creating tragic victims
All lost without a trace

And karma out the window
They get away with it
Owls they all had families
They loved they care a bit
And someone tajes a scalpel
And thinks they have the right
To end wondrous creation
By switching off their light.

Experimentation is wicked on all counts
Professors and who ever else should experiment
On themselves and leave wild souls be.

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