Tracking and slavery

Who are the Kings of the Jungle
The Lions
Are you really joking
once we
Might have thought we were worthy
Of such a title
But now Man unkind seems to be

The slave trading hunt tracker
Remote, detection our lot
A hot chafing collar
To wear around our necks
That is the kingdom we’ve got

Privacy that went out years ago
Wherever we venture
They know
They keep their bug eye on us
They say for protection
But Cecil died with it on show

He Still felt the wrath of the Dentist
Who was never charged
Not at all
Man is unkind and his followers blind
To the GPS collars
Walk tall

They said you are Lions
You got swagger
Dignity, attitude you
Are afterall Kings of the Human domain
Pride can you not hear
That ring true.

Vanity snob value haughty
Queenly yea so many words
High souled and mighty
If a bit flighty
Being away with the birds

Man unkind they disrespect us
Harvest us thats what they say
In South Africa those crooks
They harvest us
And criminals they get away

With diminishing us to just captors
Stealing our babies away
Wearing the great GPS on our scrags
We know the reason all day

Man unkind tells other men unkind they
Do what is best for us, we
Remember poor Cecil and so many more
lion bones to China the key

HUNTERS the rich and the ugly
Drug us up murder us we
A lucrative treat for the
Arses with passes
Kings of the jungle hee hee.

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