A gal in a barn

A gal in a barn
With a sow resting there
Wonderment obvious
Just wondrous to share
A snap of repose
Of respect and true care
This gal a real pal
To the sow lying there

Having been in gestation crates
Probably she
Locked down some nine months
A complete travesty
What males do to females
In a small cage locked tight
Frustrated and uncared for
Which was never right

It was all economics
Farm costs and all that
A male clearly ignorant
A female left at
The mercy of lockdown
With babes on the way
Rotten irreverence I have to say

And now a real angel
Lies with the sow
Just feel that respect
Its really know how
Both love each other
And both truly care
And if we are honest
We all wish we were there

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