City folk and farmers
Are genuinely ignorant
When it comes to Dingoes
Wild souls that have been
On the rich red soul for years
Up to say 5000
Long before the white man
With his cattle and his fears

Therefore they are Indigenous
Designed that way so they
Can take advantage of the climate
And so do everyday
Man kind puts up fences
Calls these souls Wild dogs
Just ignorance personified
With typical dialogues
Calling forth the evil
And the irreverence thats seen
They cannot wait to shoot them
Basically they are mean

I mean they are farmers after all
Wildness they don’t know
They seldom camp out in the bush
Its only when dogs show
Up around their pasture
The guns come out and they
Are ready to claim a bounty or two
Its just their way

Wholly bloody hopeless
Like fences everywhere
Cattle and sheep are their money spinners
And Dingoes their despair
Again its because they are hopeless
Out of touch with God
Who puts the Dingo on this earth
But they don’t give a sod

Sone work life in packs
Others remain alone
Rabbits Reptiles fish
And wombats, and of course its known
Kangaroos feral goats, pigs
They have been around
They feature in cave paintings
Their whereabout is sound

The government wants to eradicate
Farmers they do to
Everyone is after Dingos
Unsure of what to do
Forgetting they have a purpose
That they are part of life
More so than arrogant ranchers
Who bring a lot of strife

To the bushlands to the Aboriginies
And of course to the kangaroo
And the Koala all the wild souls
Human beings do
Fuck up they are good at that
As ignorant as sin
Spoilers trappers hunters
Who only want to win

So the Dingo gets a bad deal
But manages still to be
Out there kicking butt a bit
Always wild and free
Tenacious and his state of wonder
Clearly on his mind
Landowners should study more
And not pretend they are blind.

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