To all you rotten sods who wear fur or skins

Wearing the skin
Of another being
What does that make me
Am I all seeing
Am I a monster
Seemingly so
Why do you do this
When clearly you know

A rabbit or a bunny
A fox and or a cat
A dog or a squirrel
Made into a hat
It was someones mother
Or father or a child
Made by the same god and lived
In the wild

That was trapped by a monster
Who laid a steel trap
Covered it with loads of leaves
That really is crap
Then watched as they gnawed
At their own leg to free
Themselves to just go home
To their family

But it didn’t happen
The trapper man returned
Beat the poor souls head in
That is what I’ve learned
Skinned the poor soul possibly
Blood and guts and still alive
Sold it for a dollar
But its bleeding out
And it won’t survive

Cuffs and collars
Check and see
Its my mum or it might be me

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