Tiger tiger

Its the arrogant streak
That the human possesses
Coupled with ignorance
No one addresses
The underworld gangsters
Of course have their power
And tame on the wild one’s
Now in the last hour

Of what was existence
Kings of the crop
Blake saw their light
Felt their power
Wouldnt stop
Admiring their prowess
Their grandeur
And now its the mafia
And they elect

To butcher the Tiger
To try to impart
To remove its kudos
Right from the start
To harvest the Tigers
Taken from the wild
And imagine you can
With the sense of a child

Who doesn’t know life
And creation and stuff
As to the Tiger
And really how tough
They were in so many ways
They did believe
They can take them and market them
And then achieve

Whatever they choose
Its the criminal mind
Its the bedrock of life
Except they are blind
To the real possibility
That wildness is how
The Tiger is great
Not farmed like a cow

Now a non entity
Thrust in a cage
Fed on boiled chicken
Inside a true rage
Frustration downtrodden
Unimagined and more
Neglect circumspect
Ignore Natures law

Atribute your riches
To assessing your need
Dealing in wild life
You sent to succeed
Killing the golden goose
The regal soul
The invisible Tiger
Whose only role

Is to die so its skin
Can be walked on by day
Its flesh can be swallowed
With sauces a way
Out of pure hunger
The bones maybe can
Transfer some power
To a sceptic old man

Who knows making money
The phantom though died
The wild Tiger lost
His power crucified
Destroyed by the beings
The blackmarket crowd
Who ruined the life force
So seemingly proud

With themselves
Lots of clutter big rings
And dosh
Women around them
Everyones posh
Harvesting wildness
Taming it they
Fucked up and ruined the Tiger Today

The same with the Lion
Godswork undone
This amazing creature
Who bore its own sun
Who walked with a prowess
A bringer of light
Who is snuffed out forever
Unseen now at night.

A world of a difference
Hostility reigns
Where is the Tiger
He sits there in chains
Drugged up to the eyeballs
Buggered by far
By the criminal gangs
And the blackmarket tzar

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