Canada Goose

How can you possibly
Imagine that you
Look better in fur down or feathers
Please do.
think for some moments
From where they come from
The fur someones skin
And the feathers some don
For them
not for you
Protecting their ljfe force
You know that its true
How Canada Goose
Employs trappers
Whose souls
Sadly are broken
Unbegotten trolls
Who Ambush and waste
The gifted who wear
Fur but are slaughtered
So that you can share

And Canada goose can profit
From sales
Torture and death
To me all that fails
That tangible reason
To use and abuse
To torture and kill
The Canada Goose

It doesnt make sense
Its really insane
To capture the birds
For The vanity drain
Gasping for oxygen
Throats bleeding out
So you can stay warm
How can there be doubt

Only the pitiless
Unfeeling cruel
Sadistic unmerciful
Dare trawl
All the clothing
Forgetting the tale
Of how many souls died
Or tortured
the trail
that ended
For them thanks to Canada Goose
Wrong doers wrong headed
Who won’t see the abuse
When its paying their rent
And or helping them share
Death and destruction
Why remain unaware

For you have to rise
Beyond them and say
Wearing your spitefulness
Is not my way
Canada Goose disrespects life
And so
We must take them down
Make them see that we know

And will not be degraded
by them

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