Marching in London today

“Arrest Matt Hancock”
Is the cry
Thousands join the plea
“Arrest Boris Johnson”
Arrest them all
The purloiners of the free
The vaccinators are carriers
The masked ones they are too
A sea of bodies marching
All ages let them through
Banners wavers flags a flutter
Freedom the big shout
Thousands upon thousands
All glad to be out

People on the bridges
Shouting their support
London’s crammed with people
Many over wrought
With all the science nonsense
The lockdowns are restraint
Nurenberg the trials are coming
The government they ain’t
Worried but they ought to be
We are the ninety nine
Per cent and we have had it
And Its their heads on the line
As fhe blue sky now is witness
To the great hordes that we see
Thousands upon thousands
Just a few, to the BBC
The lying reprehensables
Dictats of the few
Putting out the fake news
As lame stream always do

The behavioural science
Brainwashing is their thing
Science vaccinations
The CDC is king
All the adverse side effects
And many now have died
But its all worth while
They tell us
The government of bile

Peacefully they traverse
The silver tops there too
Whistles drums and sirens
Wake up people YOU
Must wake up and see whats happening
The new world order they
Are after killing the lot of us
Thats what the bankers say
Our jobs will soon be taken
By the corporate robots they
Are putting in the technology
Its happening today
Paying you for staying at home
With netflix on all day
Bio weapons in your food
For them it is fhe way

Sterilizing the women
Sperm counts an all time low
The animals that were tested with the vaccines
Dont you know
they all died
Gave up breathing
And now we see the score
Lots and lots of side effects
And wait for it,lots more.

Great work all those who made the march successful today

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